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200.000th track uploaded to wikiloops

200.000th track uploaded to wikiloops

Hello there, friends of wikiloops!
Todays blog update covers:
·founders comment on the 200.000ths upload milestone
·introduction of our new moderation team member
·wikiloops barn-fest 2020 resumee & date for the 2021 wikiloops member meeting

200.000th user recorded jamtrack uploaded to wikiloops

That happened on October 6th 2020, 3.477 days after the wikiloops music collaboration project went live in 2011.
At the time of writing, 372 more recordings have been added, and by the end of the day, it will be roundabout a hundred more.
I must admit it is a bit funny we humans think of such events as "milestones" or note-worthy events.
The track ID assigned to each and every upload really is just that - a numeric index of the entries of a long table containing track information, so, on a very basic technical level, ID 200000 is by no means different or better then ID 199999.
A human looking at anything (think: sheep, or peas in a jar) would never be able to notice anything special about the 200.000th pea being dropped into the cookie-jar or sheep number 200002 having gone missing - these numbers are way beyond what our senses are able to process.
But despite the fact that there is no really convincing reason to celebrate something rooted in the rather cold logic of the decimal counting system, we humans do that all the time - if you keep reading on to the "barn-fest review" paragraph, you'll find another example of exactly that.
Maybe numbers ending on a lot of zeros have the miraculous effect of triggering our attention - that might as well be stupid-simple to explain: "If you see a zero, you better check if there is something else in front of that, otherwise you're possibly left with nothing".
So, here we are, trying to make sense out of 200.000 pieces of music on wikiloops - some may be inclined to think of how long one could listen before having heard all of these recordings,
others may wonder about the cost of hosting so much audio on servers,
I tend to try to imagine how many hours have been spent making music in so many different home studios
around the world, and it's just as fair to compare these 200.000 tracks with the content-explosions of other platforms on the internet.
These different ways of looking at wikiloops will lead you to various ends, ranging from "whoa, what a huge achievement!" to "oops, that's nowhere near the viral thing that pays off the investors, what a tiny niche project".
The one conclusion which I would like to emphasize on today (and yes, I might be guilty of repeating myself on that one) is that 200.000 creative works uploaded to wikiloops is a beautiful example of what can be achieved by voluntary collaboration.
My personal contribution to the wealth of music on wikiloops is rather tiny - I guess today 0.2% of all music on wikiloops are my recordings, while day-one-wikiloops consisted of 99% my tracks plus a few guest uploads.
We have been able to build and maintain a lively collaboration network spanning several thousand musicians, and to establish a worthwhile culture of going about is what I feel we should focus on and celebrate.
It is the fruit of the work of many, luckily, there are no disappointed investors at my back who force me to exploit user data or monetize wikiloops to death - since we've built and managed wikiloops as a collaborative community backed by user contributions and donations, we have the freedom to keep it as we like it, even tho wikiloops is a tad bigger than the average hobby site.
I just checked: 7 new tracks have been uploaded in the time between starting to write this paragraph and now.
May the collaboration continue, and thanks to all who take part!

Welcoming Tu to the wikiloops moderation team

One ingredient to keeping the wikiloops experience worthwhile is having a team of human moderators who make sure our communities code of conduct is known and respected by everybody on wikiloops.
Whenever people comment on the friendly spirit of the wikiloops comment sections, then they are basicly surprised not to find the hostile type of comment which one is more of less used to find online.
If we've been able to maintain a positive spirit, and especially if we are able to keep polarizing content away from wikiloops in times like fall 2020, where both political campaigns and news wars are taking place on other social media sites, then that is the achievement of having clear rules and a team of moderators who really care. So, thank you, Tu, for joining the wikiloops moderation team!

Barn-Fest 2020 & member meeting 2021 outlook

As many of you have observed, we had to cancel the official wikiloops member meeting 2020 due to the covid outbreak and local restrictions on official events - since I turned 40 this summer (there's another number-with-zero celebration for you), we organized a little private party at our houses barn, which again was visited by quite a number of wikiloops members, giving it quite a bit of a wikiloops meetings flair. I have uploaded a series of [url=https://www.wikiloops.com/gallery.php?pic=5653&u=4]pictures from the first barn-fest at our house in Flowsdorf[/url] for those who'd like to have a look.
Thanks for all the congratulations and well-wishes sent, having folks who care all over the globe made it feel good to turn 40 ;)
We are planning to return to Steinfeld and the "official" format next year, so save the date if you would like to join us for the next wikiloops meeting:
[b]Thursday, June 3rd to Sunday June 6th 2021[/b]
Hey, we have ten years of wikiloops to celebrate next year ( 10 - notice something? ), looking forward to see our on-the-ground meetings continue very, very much!

Thanks for taking the time to check this post &
stay safe and groovy out there!
Congrats to reaching this milestone, I wonder who the "lucky" guy is who posted #200000 ;) .
Welcome Tu to the moderating team, and congratulation to the Wikiloops community project entering the 10th year of its wonderful existence. In these days of everything being short lived it's cool to see a site like this existing in the way it does! I have marked the date for next year's meeting, hopefully it will be possible.
Sure wish we could have all been there for the bang the barn party.

Congratulations to Tu. Now it's up to you to keep me in line! And a belated happy 40 to Richard. I'm so glad that so many things you've wished for in life are being fulfilled.

I guess we can hope that next June is a possibility for a jam. Without an effective and universally recognized vaccine I won't be able to come. New Zealand has pulled up the drawbridge with Covid cases now Zero in the community. I can't go anywhere and get back in to NZ without a very expensive minimum 2 week quarantine in a facility of the government's choosing. Kind of like a prison you pay $500/ day to go into.

Keep playing, keep smiling, and please keep safe.
Happy belated birthday Richard. 40 years old is a great age, the age where the head and the body are at the top level :)
I sincerely hope that you can do the reunion at Steinfield for ten years of W-L. It will mean that we will all be a little freer!
Welcome to Tu as moderator.
Happy birthday Richard :)Nice to see some of you had some fun together nice barn. 200.000 :o uploads that's a lot of music to choose from.And a lot of servers space. I wish the wikiloops meeting next years can succeed:W.
Best wishes to you and your family
Welcome Tu,
congrats for all those numbers, and:
[x] calendars marked
[x] family informed
[x] let's hope for the best, shouldn't we?

As always,
thanks for keeping us informed,
and all the best to you and to yours,
I just wanted to say thank you. +1
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