Happy holidays


Hey there, friends of wikiloops :)

Yes, that's my big nose right there for you in above video -
and I hope my little greetings are finding you in a good & pre-festive spirit.

I must admit I have once more spent way too much time thinking about what to write in this years end-of-the-year greetings,
and as this is 2023 ending, I have even considered getting some AI support to generate a smoother blog post than the one you are reading right now.
But no, somehow that just didn't feel right, so I went the opposite direction and filmed my real nose for you for a change :)

Let me add some thoughts in writing.

It seems to me as if things are changing fast out there, be it economically, politically, or in the digital realms.
And somewhere in this wobbly mess, here is wikiloops continuing to offer creative collaborations and intercultural exchange.
That has been the focus of this project for a long time, and we enjoy the privilege to be able to stick to that, simply we do not need to please any investors but operate on funds raised from our members.

If you are in some way observing how fast the internet is changing (think of the rise and, well, *cough* of twitter just as one example, or what is happening with the amount of ads on YouTube), you may anticipate why I find it a bit miraculous a place like wikiloops still exists,
and I do feel a great appreciation for those who support this project.

We have been collaboratively put in a lot of effort in 2023, and I hope all of you share the feeling that it has been rewarding to be a part of wikiloops.

Not sure if chatGPT would have found better words for what I am trying to express -
gratitude is the word I guess :)

Wishing you all a great time on and off wikiloops, and looking forward to what we'll be up to in 2024 :)


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