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Here's your invitation to the wikiloops meeting 2024

Here's your invitation to the wikiloops meeting 2024

Dear friends!

After five years without a wikiloops meeting,
I'm happy to revive the event and announce the date for
this years wikiloops on-the-ground meeting:
wikiloops meeting 2024 poster
We will be meeting starting
Thursday 22nd of August and ending on Sunday 25th 2024
in our Barnadise in Floisdorf, Germany!

Our doors are open for any member of the wikiloops community who would like to spend some time, meet some wikiloops people face to face and listen to or engage in making some live music.

You may bring your instrument, but you will most likely find a well equipped stage at the barn with instruments which are open to be played by anyone.
We are aiming to jam at a comfortable studio session volume, so, no need to bring that monster amp, really.

We are offering simple accommodation at our house or a local vacation home on request, or you may set up your own accommodation nearby and simply stop by as you like.

the barnadise
Our location is roughly 45 minutes car drive away from cologne central station, and we are offering public transportation pick-up at the closest train station (Mechernich Bahnhof) to get you here :)

Food & drink will be provided for those staying, in return for a little help, as we will take care of the catering ourselfs.
We are not collecting any attendance fees for the meeting, but will be asking for a small contribution for food & drinks.

I will provide some images and additional info on the location soonish,
please add your username to this doodle calendar if you plan to come, so I can keep an overview who will be showing up when and send you additional info via wikiloops message.

I am very much looking forward to the event & hope to see you there!

Oh wow! Reckon I'll come if i can. +10
9 maggio 2024 17:07
TeeGee yes you can +8
13 maggio 2024 21:50
Dick you better... 'ts that time, you know. +2
Looking forward to meeting you all +8
Very good news, whether I can come or not. It's not impossible, however I'm supposed to be in Indonesia on September 4th. Normally that's doable, yet age weighs in with the jet-lag complication of switching life by 12 hours one way to switch back 12 hours less than a week later and then another 5 hours a week or so after that. Takes about a week to adjust to each time zone change.... anyone got some special drugs for this? +8
10 maggio 2024 11:11
MySounds The drug is called "Wikiloops Meeting". Bound to make you feel 20 years younger. +5
10 maggio 2024 13:22
Fivestringer Hope to see you again alive and kicking Wade.:Y I can't recommend any of my (prescription) drugs, but my internal clock is already f@c%ed up for years. So maybe just ignore local time and follow your body as it will probably guide you towards the light, you just don't know if it's forward or backwards... ;) +5
12 maggio 2024 10:43
Wade I've been told to avoid going into the light, well at least for a while. Full moon? OK! +3
15 maggio 2024 05:19
Wade OK, I'm coming... all set with airline tickets and accommodation. +6
15 maggio 2024 07:46
MySounds Superb!! +2
16 maggio 2024 23:00
eGiL I can't let you jam all by yourself can I? :D

I will try to clear up some time as well! <3
17 maggio 2024 00:54
Wade Really would love to see and play together again with you Egil! +1
Good news!!!!!!

I have to check with work, fingers crossed
12 maggio 2024 16:32
Fivestringer hop, hop just make it work! ;) +2
Woohooo :o:W +7
In any case, I will try to come:D:o:W +7
Thanks so much for the invitation, Richard - I'll try to make it, and I'm really looking forward to meeting y'all :) +6
Wooow that's great really looking forward to it. Thanks <3for making it happen.:-- +5
What a beautiful space! +5
12 maggio 2024 11:46
Dick you need to come visit, aunt Anne :) +5
13 maggio 2024 20:43
AnneCozean you are so right, Richard! i can see Elias making a few bucks from his 1-Pony Petting Zoo. <3 +2
13 maggio 2024 21:49
Dick he hasn't reached the capitalist phase yet, you might get a ride for free :D
I read they make these horses for kids up to ten years and 200lbs (wtf?) and was tempted to get one myself, then they went out of stock it seems... too bad :D
It's about time i come and bust some grooves with you guys! <3 +5
16 maggio 2024 23:12
Pewi :W +2
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gracias a todos los músicos que colaboran en wikiloops, es interesante la sensación de saber, que alguien en algún lugar del mundo sabe de ti y de tu música, y lo mas interesante, compartirla, GRACIAS

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