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Info su questo album:
WORLD OF COLORS AND GOOD SENSATIONSAndri Creata da: Andri il 04/30/2019

Mi piace: 7
Ascoltata: 366 volte

Artisti coinvolti:
StJray GlezBass Andri WhiteDrum55 PAPABLUES Pewi Filo974 habersack Mike_66 KaiPlan ROBJOL Liesching irlenn JMB65 mpointon Marceys Simonymous

Great discovery!


Recensione scritta da Grathy il 12/10/2019

Just found this cool album, featuring some top-notch musicians. Nice way to end the day.

Thank you all super musicians


Recensione scritta da Andri il 05/02/2019

It has been a pleasure to collaborate on such good tracks of many good musicians as there are on Wikiloops. I have come a long way playing with you. Thank you.

Woohoo super Wiki album


Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 05/02/2019

Cool laid-back Wiki music, had a great time listening to this today. Keep on doing it :W

Sensational Sensations


Recensione scritta da GlezBass il 04/30/2019

In the first album of WL with friends always has a great satisfaction, see how you can make music with great friends on the internet quality this selection of Andri is sensational, I can only thank you have decided to include me in your selection!

Very nice album


Recensione scritta da ROBJOL il 04/30/2019

Glad to be part of it my friend.
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