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My WikiAlbum
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  1. 23 maggio 2024
    World GlezBass al/alla Batteria Traccia # 295074
    The 6th Sensei's Seventh Heaven 4
  2. 23 maggio 2024
    Funk GlezBass al/alla Batteria Traccia # 295056
    Love In The Wind
  3. 22 maggio 2024
    Jazz-Rock GlezBass al/alla Basso Traccia # 295005
    Gather your Resources

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For the curious ... my name is Mario
I'm not a professional musician but I love music, unfortunately I do not know music theory but I defend my ear and memory with a little help from technology. First I started with the self-taught bad guitarist, then I needed keys in my recordings and I learned keys, then I needed bass lines and learned to play the electric bass (my main instrument ...), then I needed non-electronically edited drum sounds and I learned to play the drums !! Finally, I acquired an EWI to trigger wind sounds and I am in the process of exploring it...! everything is music !!!

I live in the region of Andalucia on the Costa del Sol (Malaga) pure musical fusion zone (flamenco, latin, arabic music ...) but I especially love the jazz, blues, funky and bossa nova, although deep I like all music that moves my mind, body and fingers
My favorite and most inspiring artists are Paco de Lucia and Pat Metheny,Sylvain Luc on guitar, Richard Bona, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clark and Jaco Pastorius to electric bass, and Pepe Bao and Carles Benavent a spanish bassist very very cool!, also Alain Perez a cuban bassist who makes excellent incursions into jazz and flamenco.
Othe bassists what I love are: Michael League (Snarky Puppy), Hadrian Feraud, Federico Malaman, Michael Manring, Adam Ben Ezra and Henrik Linder (Dirty Loops),Janek Gwizdala,Mark King ....
For a long time I was listening to classic fussion,pop and funky bands: Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, George Benson, Level 42, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gangs, Uzeb, Pat Metheny Group, Steely Dan, Step Ahead and more to more bands...

Now I am dedicated to electric bass but also make inroads with guitars, keyboards and E-drums. I also like to modify instruments to make them personal with mods ... (read below)


- Fretted
Ibanez SRMezzo 205 32" 5 strings active
Fender Squier Classic Vibe Bass VI passive
Marcus Miller Sire U5 bass 30" passive
Ibanez SDGR300 4th strings active
Harley Benton HBO850 Acoustic Bass Natural Piezo bridge Phosphorus/Bronze strings
- Fretless
Ibanez Roadster RS 924 1980´s fretless bass roundwound strings work the fretboard to vitrify it with cyanoacrylate to make it hard like epoxy fretboard sound

Cordoba Stage Nylon guitar with Gato Negro strings, the sound here https://soundcloud.com/glezbass/eu-sei-que-vou-te-amar
Yamaha Silent nylon string guitar
Spanish guitars: Alhambra 4F Flamenco guitar

Fender ThinLine TeleStratocaster "Hybrid Fender guitar", body with ThinLine Squier and Stratocaster Fender fretboard configured to jazzy tone 0.11/0.54 roundwound Thomastik strings

"TeleAcoustic" Harley Benton Telecaster TE-40 TBK with passive piezoelectric bridge Tune O'Matic

Behringer IAXE 629 USB guitar
BehrihngerIAXE 624 USB guitar customized fretless guitar
Cigar Box custom Midi trigger

KEYBOARD: StudioLogic Numa Compact2 workstation, Akai MPK mini and Nektar 49 keys midi controller

AMPLIFIERS: Warwick 200 watts head amp (Jansen 250 watts cabinet)
Effects: Korg Pandora PX Stomp, Zoom B1 four and Overtone Boss MO2

DRUMS: Alesis Nitro Mesh mod Kit snare 10" dual zone and Millenium hit hat controller with AddictiveDrums2 plugin MIDI

And a fun looper Lekato Loop for training "goofing" .... To see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNwN5n95d7w

MIDI controller for bass, guitar and voice: SONUUS G2M V3 . To see: https://youtu.be/-dGbqAjbKWI

Electronic Wind Instrument EWI Irin Sax for winds sounds

dispositivi di registrazione

Interface Audio: Edirol UA4Fx, ZOOM CGE3, and USB interface Behringer U-PHORIA UMC204HD stereo signal
Software: Audacity/Reaper

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