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Unconfined !

Unconfined !
Info su questo album:
After long weeks in confined mode , it was time to release this album which includes some excellent talented musicians (like everywhere on Wikiloops!).

Good to you and thanks for listening !Filo974 Creata da: Filo974 il 05/26/2020

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Top Album


Recensione scritta da Cassius il 05/28/2020

If you like Jazz, Swing, funk and Caraïbo-indian rythm, you'll enjoy this great album from Philippe and its friends who are very good musicians :W

Enjoyable Listen


Recensione scritta da Telemetry il 05/28/2020

Thanks for including me. Well done collection.



Recensione scritta da GlezBass il 05/27/2020

Great selection!! Excellent jazzy tracks and great music of a great musician !! (just drop the level on my tracks !!) ha ha ha ha. Thanks Philippe for included me in this cool allbum !

Very good album


Recensione scritta da btrasher il 05/27/2020

Very good job to all the musicians and of course philip for this excellent jazzy album.

fantastic Album


Recensione scritta da ivax il 05/26/2020

Great Jams ,amigo Filo,Thanks



Recensione scritta da Andri il 05/26/2020

Super great album! Nice tracks ;)

Simply beautiful


Recensione scritta da khangurumc il 05/26/2020

I am also honored to be part of this album,thank you Philip.

Excellent collection!


Recensione scritta da Tu il 05/26/2020

Thanks for including me and may we colaborate many more times in the future!

A level album !!!!


Recensione scritta da jhonrobert il 05/26/2020

I am truly honored to be part of this splendid work of my friend and great musician Philippe. Special thanks to Philippe.
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