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The Pariah Theary

The Pariah Theary
Info su questo album:
Forever the sleep will come. JustinL Creata da: JustinL il 01/05/2021

Mi piace: 9
Ascoltata: 229 volte

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My Review (explicit)


Recensione scritta da DirkL il 01/06/2021

This F#&*@NG album is full of power and entertaining vocals. Justin is a fun and hilarious person, but brings business to metal, especially the brutal hardcore stuff. How the hell is his G#**@#$mmn throat even ok?

making metal great again


Recensione scritta da rootshell il 01/05/2021

Justin, this is such a great compilation, loving this metal music! Such versatility as well, bravo Justin!

What a hammer


Recensione scritta da Baerenkind il 01/05/2021

My dear Justin, this is not only good, this is fucking awesome.😜👍
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