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  1. 12 aprile 2024
    Rock rootshell al/alla Chitarra & Basso Traccia # 292469
    The Seeker [rearranged]
    di rootshell
  2. 12 aprile 2024
    Rock rootshell al/alla Chitarra & Basso Traccia # 292466
    The Seeker
    di AmomentB & rootshell
  3. 11 aprile 2024
    Funk rootshell al/alla Batteria Traccia # 292421
    Way Back Home


My name is Nick...I like Blues, Metal, Rock, Jazz, Funk...and just about anything. Dad had lots of 8-tracks and would play them frequently. Some of my favorites were the Doobie Brothers, Slave, The Eagles, Kool and the Gang, Eddie Rabbitt, Commodores, Humble Pie.

Why rootshell? Old habits and handles die hard, haha. I used to help run an internet service provider back in the 90's and we ran a bunch of Unix systems. Being a system administrator meant you had "root access" on the systems (superuser), and logged in via a "root shell". Has nothing to do with music, LOL, but I used that handle from time to time and just happened to choose it for this site.


I started off playing bass in high school, took like 3 months of lessons when I was about 15. Unfortunately, it didn't stick with me, so I can't read music. I taught myself guitar later on. Been playing off and on, as a hobby, for like 20 years. Played in a few rock n roll / metal bands throughout the years. I still jam with some buddies every now and then, playing some metal. I do a little vocals as well and I'm trying to get better at it, and learning how to best record vocals as well. It's still very new for me.

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Fender HM Strat 2020 (The Pink Lady - Drop D tuning), Fender Stratocaster (MIM - Drop C tuning), Harley Benton SC-Custom Plus EMG (the main axe), Harley Benton Fusion-III (the new kid), Harley Benton B-450 (bass), Zoom guitar pedal, USB sound card (line-in), and Audacity software. 2023 Update: I ditched my Zoom pedal and Audacity software, went with a Focusrite Scarlett Solo for my audio input and Reaper software. Various plugins with Reaper as well. Joe (LittleWing), Joe (JoeOnBass), Ernie and others have all given me some sort of Reaper advice, I much appreciate the WikiLoops community!!

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I support wikiloops because it is a creative platform. And most of all, there is nothing more creative than making your own music and sharing it.
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