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The Essential,Primavera del 2021

The Essential,Primavera del 2021
Info su questo album:
thanks to all of you who make these special moments possible ....
The basics, the essentials, there are times that with a little music I manage to escape from the daily routine, that's what I mean simply....and of course thank Shi, voice in "is This alchemy"ivax Creata da: ivax il 03/22/2021

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Great Primavera tracks


Recensione scritta da btrasher il 03/22/2021

So honoured to figure in your fantastic album!!! Great tracks and artists

Thanks for caring about us


Recensione scritta da DirkL il 03/22/2021

Hermano Xavi thanks for including me, always an honor



Recensione scritta da Ezdrummer il 03/22/2021

I will always be by your side with my drums, whenever you want, not only to escape the daily routine, but also to dominate it. Together.

Del otro lado del Atlántico


Recensione scritta da Demian il 03/22/2021

En este sitio uno hace amigos aunque sea a la distancia. Gracias Xavi por incluirme en tu álbum!!

Another collection of a Wikiloops music making machine


Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 03/26/2021

Ivax is one of those musicians that keeps making beautiful tracks, and always at the highest quality! I salute you my friend, keep doing what you do :W



Recensione scritta da Tu il 03/24/2021

I love the choice you made...so many versions of these tracks and you picked awesome ones! Thanks Xavi...Im eternally grateful ❤😄❤😄❤😄

Another great album with awesome musicians.


Recensione scritta da davidaustin il 03/23/2021

Awesome mi amigo.
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