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MySounds Vanity Remixes (Vol I)

MySounds Vanity Remixes (Vol I)
Info su questo album:
An album (my first) of some of the tracks I revisited to polish my input and work on the final mixes to do justice to the great musicians who created the magic.

The Vanity Remixes are just that. Remixes of tracks where, after the inital excitement of uploading my mixes, I started to see room for improvement, either in my playing or in the technical mix - mostly both.
So I spent some sleepless nights on re-recording my input and working on the mixes. Pure vanity on my part, but some things I can`t leave as they are.

No words of thanks are enough. Your songs and your many kind comments have kept my sprits up during difficult times.

All those involved: Yes, you are all mad geniuses.
All those listening: Beware, the next volume is already in the works.

MySounds/Thomas MySounds Creata da: MySounds il 08/29/2022

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Great Job, Thomas


Recensione scritta da ivax il 08/31/2022

thank you for including me in this great work with great collaborators, and thank you for taking your time ,amigo :W

What a nice one...


Recensione scritta da wjl il 08/30/2022

Cool album Thomas - and I feel honoured that you included a track on which I played the bass :)



Recensione scritta da rootshell il 09/01/2022

great compilation of songs and mixing Thomas. very honored to be a part of your fantastic album and to share the virtual stage with you. really enjoying the hard work you put forth on these VR's.


Recensione scritta da Anrak il 08/31/2022

Hi Thomas, thank you for immortalizing me on one of your works. What an honor!! I hope that you will use the ".... but some things I can`t leave as they are." further heed. That`s what the loops are for and I`m happy when someone takes a further nuance out of the supposedly good remixes or spices up the whole thing!!!!
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