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The Power Of Music

The Power Of Music
Info su questo album:
A collection of some favorite songs and tunes that I collaborated on There are many talented and inspiring musicians here on wikiloops and it's a huge honor for me to have the opportunity to sing and play along. bluvation Creata da: bluvation il 10/20/2022

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Great Album full of feelings


Recensione scritta da ivax il 10/20/2022

Thanks for share your songs and works :W:W fantastic Gerry,mi amigo :) I am happy that you include me with these magnificent musicians, Music made with the spirit of friendship

Awesome Album


Recensione scritta da deezee il 10/20/2022

Fantastic songs and music Gerry. Thanks for including me :)

Very good album.


Recensione scritta da ROBJOL il 10/20/2022

And happy to be part of it.

Great Album


Recensione scritta da Krasimir il 10/20/2022

Songs like Golden rain,The Power of Music, Leather Dust and Steel giving nice atmosphere and feeling. Some songs are different than this style but are common under the name BLUVATION&FRIENDS. Great selection Gerry.

Fantastic Album.


Recensione scritta da davidaustin il 10/20/2022

Awesome musicians, great music, thank you for including me Gerry.

Great Album Buddy-thanks for including me!!!


Recensione scritta da kmoon235 il 10/21/2022

This is getting burned and played in my truck for sure buddy. Fantastic work on this album-good mix. I appreciate all the jams over the years-many more to come buddy.:) keith
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