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  1. 14 aprile 2023
    Funk LittleWing al/alla Sequencer & other wind Traccia # 267589
    Good Times (Are Coming)
  2. 26 marzo 2023
    Samba LittleWing al/alla Chitarra acustica Traccia # 266111
    The Journey To Ixtlan
    di LittleWing
  3. 16 dicembre 2022
    Rock LittleWing al/alla Hammond B-3 Traccia # 258601
    Final Countdown
  4. 17 ottobre 2021
    Blues LittleWing al/alla Batteria Traccia # 228890
    Are Ye Healed?
    di LittleWing & LittleWing
  5. 7 settembre 2021
    Rock LittleWing al/alla Horns From Hell Traccia # 225928
    A Pious Bird Of Good Omen
  6. 31 agosto 2021
    Blues LittleWing al/alla Batteria Traccia # 225393
    Heart and Soul
    di LittleWing & LittleWing
  7. 31 luglio 2021
    Unplugged LittleWing al/alla Sequencer Traccia # 223381
    di LittleWing
  8. 7 marzo 2021
    Pop LittleWing al/alla Tastiera & Batteria Traccia # 212547
    Rescue You
    di LittleWing
  9. 22 gennaio 2021
    Funk LittleWing al/alla Batteria Traccia # 208824
    Waiter, There Is A Fly In My Soup
    di LittleWing & LittleWing
  10. 19 settembre 2020
    Pop LittleWing al/alla Suger Traccia # 198678
    The Queen Of Thorns
  11. 3 ottobre 2019
    Unplugged LittleWing al/alla Mixer Traccia # 172887
    Rebecca (Picking Up The Pieces)
  12. 28 gennaio 2019
    Funk LittleWing al/alla Guitar Synth Traccia # 156492
    Some Other Place, Some Other Time..
  13. 1 novembre 2018
    Jazz LittleWing al/alla Chitarra Traccia # 149985
    Laying It Down
    di MajorTom_III & LittleWing
  14. 30 ottobre 2018
    Jazz LittleWing al/alla Chitarra Traccia # 149847
    Moonflower (Master Mix)


Grew up with Led Zeppelin, Stones, Who

Now it is Larry Carlton, Studio session players, Jeff Beck, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Grosvenor.....Chad Smiths Meatbats!


Paul Reed Smith SE with Seymour Duncan SH2-N Jazz for neck and Sh-4 Jeff Beck Custom for bridge.
Epi 335 Dot with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups and Bumblebee caps
Takamine Acoustic
Schecter Studio Session Bass
Fender Jazz Fretless with custom Audere Preamp and Seymour Duncan Appollo humbucker pickups.
Akai MPD 218 Drum pad
Ez Drummer
FEA DE-CL Optical Comp
Tech 21 DP-3X
Dark Glass Vintage Microtubes

dispositivi di registrazione

Boss GT-001
Roland GP-10
EBS Microbass
EBS Tube Comp
Akai MPD 218 Drum pad
Ez Drummer
FEA DE-CL Optical Comp
Tech 21 DP-3X
Dark Glass Vintage Microtubes
LR Baggs Session Acoustic D.I.

Audacity for light mix touchups
Various free VST. If you have a question ...ask!

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I consider myself brand new at music creating music, and this site is great for helping me get more comfortable jamming with other artists!
Dirkus from United States

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