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Soul Blues

 Soul Blues
Info su questo album:
Selection of blues relaxing style melodies.Thank you to all involved. Krasimir Creata da: Krasimir il 02/26/2023

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Ascoltata: 160 volte

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Nice Bluesy Album


Recensione scritta da TEE-KWA il 03/10/2023

Some little Gems on here..😊

Nice selection


Recensione scritta da Bradford il 02/28/2023

Enjoyed the listen. Thanks for including me.

Great way to begin a Sunday


Recensione scritta da WildGoat il 02/26/2023

Got up ... turned it up ... Loved it .. Thanks for including me...

Fantastic Collection


Recensione scritta da deezee il 02/26/2023

Happy to be included. Thank you Krasimir :)

Excellent collection


Recensione scritta da Baerenkind il 02/26/2023

Happy to be a part of it. Thanx for all the nice jams and your WL friendship.
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