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Completed Trees Pt.1 by mpointon

Completed Trees Pt.1

Completed Trees Pt.1
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The first of a few intended albums which feature myself playing with the myriad of talented WikiLoopers who amke up this amazing pool of talent and desire to make music. There are just too many to name on one album, every one of them a joy to play with. mpointon Creata da: mpointon il 20 dic 2015

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Now THAT'S drumming.


Recensione scritta da Wade il 21 dic 2015

Certainly shows your abilities in a number of styles. A real pleasure to be included in this fine album. I sincerely hope to be able to play live with you some day.

Drums Whisperer


Recensione scritta da aleonz il 25 dic 2015

Martin I have to say that you can tell you are the Drums or the beat whisperer, you have it in your bone! you never failed to give the perfect heart beat for the track, in any style...and I mean any style! it's seems like you have that switch button somewhere to give just a perfect touch that will raise up the track.

Your musical understanding always amaze me, you lay down you ego and put your respect on the top of the roof of all the music you play, to embrace all the songs you play and everyone who play with you.

This album is just some of so many amazing tracks that show how super groovy he can be. Martin always delivered his track with soulful feeling, you can dance till you drop when he go up beat, and you can flow slowly into his smoothies emotion.

I am only one of the lucky singer and found my way that lead me to play and sing, dance to his groove! and I really enjoy every chance I've got to meet him in the track! Thank you very much for sharing your talent to us here Martin, so glad I found you!

The DRUMS....


Recensione scritta da GlezBass il 24 dic 2015

Martin is the DRUMS with capital letters, class and taste in rhythm, harmony makes the drums plus keep up, a real pleasure to share mudical jams and ideas in this site in; with the bonus of great sound quality on drums

Thanks man


Recensione scritta da Marceys il 23 dic 2015

Great to be part of this album!

Way cool!


Marc [b][/b]



Recensione scritta da kennyadry il 2 mag 2016

I love that Dark Vader drumming. All I could say is you have what it takes, you are a complete drummer! The force is with you and may it continue to be :)



Recensione scritta da kimbo il 2 mag 2016

mr p... what can i say? as always tastefully put together, full of great lines and especially great drumming!
want to join in!

fine drumming and ...


Recensione scritta da OliVBee il 28 dic 2015

Man ! there is so much to say about you ... tasty drumming with nice ideas ... very capable sound recording engineer ... such a nice person to collaborate with ! a perfect wikibuddy :)

My Poom Tchak pshh pshh friend


Recensione scritta da Tofzegrit il 21 dic 2015

Thanks for this collection! I like your cover but I did not recognize you !
With Love
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5 bucks for all I got from this site is nothing...I'm just an oldie (51) begineer guitar player and these backtrack are very very useful for my improvement.Thanks and Happy Christmas from Italy
jackanythi from Italy

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