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Of good moments of sharing with beautiful personalities.
A choice of tracks Blues sometimes mélencoliques, and sometimes energetic but quite realized with the heart.
Without all these musicians, I could not express my music. They are the mainspring, my inspiration, and thanks them sincerely !
I take advantage to pay a warm tribute to Wikiloops without whom I would never have been able to discover and to share with so much pleasure. titi Creata da: titi il 19 gen 2016

Mi piace: 25
Ascoltata: 3448 volte

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Harp, heart and soul


Recensione scritta da Stef il 20 gen 2016

titi my friend you know how I love your magic harp and sensitivity that distinguish each of your song. It 'a great honor to be part of this fantastic compilation. :)

Excellent compilation


Recensione scritta da aleonz il 20 gen 2016

Brother, you know how I admire your joy, soulful harp playin, technically you are the expert, but most of all you always play it with a great feeling and heart!, so glad and an honor to be part of this album!


The Harp Master


Recensione scritta da FrankieJ il 19 gen 2016

A wonderful album by titi and comrades.
Titi is truly a master of his instrument.

Often I find myself anxiously awaiting the opening notes of his solo play on the track he has chosen to play on.

I am honored to be here.

sinds I found wikiloops


Recensione scritta da Navota il 17 ago 2020

Great album titi sinds I found wikiloops I started to love the blues becaus it's a great style to join with my flute . Always love to listen to your Music and play together Your a wonderful player

Harmonica magic!


Recensione scritta da Balfo il 29 ago 2016

Titi has his own style and sound, whether solo or accompanied, he is an asset to any song. Titi is a guarantee of versatility, brilliance and empathy.
Thanks for this great album Titi!

the harpmaster


Recensione scritta da frenzie il 20 mag 2016

Titi knows how to use space, melody and mostly feel, he plays the blues with massive of soul. A true master of his art.

Any blueslover, listen and you will appreciate this for shure :)

Whole Lotta Soulful Harp


Recensione scritta da gwailoah il 20 gen 2016

Titi seems to have chosen songs with a slight melancholic feel for this collection. Get senses of feelings of longing for something that got lost along the way, and infuses their expression with a playful but soulful harp. In this, though, Titi doesn't stray too far from blues and guitar based tracks, which makes sense - doing so really lets the harp shine through. And the playing is so clean and clear, perfect tone and pitch all the way through and (outside some occasional hiss) very professional sound in the recording. I might critique some of the mixdowns here as I would prefer the harp to be more central in the mix rather than getting panned too far right for some of the songs. The harp is the centre of attention. Very creative in the melodies. Nice and varied collection - some make you chill back and drift away, others get the toes tapping. Look out for the uber soulful "Huguette", my second favourite on this album after "Do You Know", and the train shuffle country of "Pony Express" and "Leather and Powder". Blues Ballad- c'est tres bon!
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Gracias a todos por ayudarme a ser mejor músico =) Thanks you all for helping me to be a better muscician
ladybass from Spain

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