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Blues with friends II by frenzie

Blues with friends II

Blues with friends II
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Stef called it the miracle of wikiloops it truly is I never recorded blues prior to wikiloops now I love it thanx for all the great support, priceless!! frenzie Creata da: frenzie il 20 ott 2016

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Recensione scritta da GlezBass il 20 ott 2016

A select selection of the best blues wikiloops, there on this site much good. An honor to be selected in this album Frenzie

My friend is a blues master


Recensione scritta da Keiton il 23 feb 2019

The bluesman of wikiloops. You make us surprising always. I love your sound making so much. Anyway you are well to play the guitar. I am proud to played with you on many songs. This album is just part of you. I am looking forward to your new sound.

Frenzie is the Blues!


Recensione scritta da gwailoah il 27 lug 2018

I've done a few jams with Tom and his slide guitar. I love the authenticity of the sound he gets from his guitar playing. For a blues singer, is a joy to have so much space to play in. And with the brilliant assembly of musicians contributing on this album, is clear I am not the only one who enjoys the jam. Congratulations Tom on a fine album!

The Blue Are......Frenzie!


Recensione scritta da ALawrence1 il 31 dic 2016

Great story Frenz. And an incredible album.

First class Blues !


Recensione scritta da adu il 31 dic 2016

Your selection of tracks is always a "Hit the bulls eye!". Just great and you play a very good guitar with an awesome sound, everytimes ! Thanks Tom!!!

Awesome Blues Album


Recensione scritta da petebass il 20 ott 2016

Really great selection of blues tracks,Big thrill to play on it.



Recensione scritta da slin il 20 ott 2016

you have selected some good blues song there frenzie,i am honored to be one this one,thanks so much...

Wonderful Album


Recensione scritta da Bothen il 20 ott 2016

I always enjoy it when you put out a new blues track and I am honored to be on this. When Stef calls it a miracle of wikiloops you can take that to the bank. We all benefit from the fact the blues found you and vice versa!
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I was saved in wikiloops. When I was going to quit the music I met here.
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