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  1. 22 maggio 2024
    Rock Shamika al/alla Voce Traccia # 294980
    Another 5 a m Massacre
  2. 19 maggio 2024
    Punk-Rock Shamika al/alla Sequencer Traccia # 294812
    Death Metal Boots (screamo fun)
    di Shamika
  3. 18 maggio 2024
    Rock Shamika al/alla Voce Traccia # 294701
    You Crossed My Mind
    di Shamika

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Shamika is one of the alter egos of Jillianne aka Jaws Truly. This is a return to wikiloops for me after a long absence working on other musical collaborations. I used to do the whole keyboard production thing but now I simply remix old stuff or add my lyrics/vocals to wikiloopers mixes.

I've had lots of fun at wikiloops and want to say thanks to all the people I've met and mixed with. This is essentially a musicians Jamming site but I'm not able to add new music at the moment.

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