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Fero e piuma (Iron and feather)
Fero e piuma (Iron and feather)
Open Bar
Open Bar
DurinWorld Sings Mauris Carmina
DurinWorld Sings Mauris Carmina


  1. 4 febbraio 2021
    Rock durinworld al/alla Voce Traccia # 209907
    Zep Jam
  2. 30 gennaio 2021
    Classical durinworld al/alla Sequencer Traccia # 209542
    di durinworld
  3. 28 gennaio 2021
    World durinworld al/alla Sequencer Traccia # 209324
    Kansas Sunrise
    di durinworld
  4. 24 gennaio 2021
    Jazz-Rock durinworld al/alla Voce Traccia # 208977
    Gina's Place "So High"
  5. 23 gennaio 2021
    Rock durinworld al/alla Voce Traccia # 208897
    Triggered for Love
  6. 19 gennaio 2021
    Rock durinworld al/alla Voce Traccia # 208577
    On the Rocks Bar
  7. 17 gennaio 2021
    Rock durinworld al/alla Voce Traccia # 208413
    Baby Blue (Cheating on you)
  8. 11 gennaio 2021
    Funk durinworld al/alla Voce Traccia # 207959
    DurinWorld Jazz Traxx
  9. 10 gennaio 2021
    Metal durinworld al/alla Voce Traccia # 207950
    Durin World Vocal Jam
    di Zlid & durinworld


Two years ago, I was active on wikiloops; it was a great time. I haven't done any singing or songwriting since then, as I was doing voiceover work online. I was paid to do channels, and ultimately, I did a couple of my channels. I also volunteered for a worldwide org to produce audio stories and coordinate other voice talent.

I got banned from Fiverr for having multiple accounts, and I finished my work with the organization. My professional work on YouTube was about $10.00 an hour, so that got old fast. I loved doing true crime stories on YouTube for my own channel and was getting 16k views overnight on some shorts, but ultimately, YouTube halted my views because they were too bloody and violent.

So that's what I've been doing artistically for the last two years.


I used to call myself a Singer Songwriter Guitar/Bass player but that was years ago. Have been so board with strumming the same chords and sitting by myself. This site looks really awesome.

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Just a Rode condenser mic and Studio One and RX 10

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