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Hey guys, driving my car these German lyrics came up... So sorry for doing all on my own, and sorry Reatric not to have used your marvelous add.. but if you might listen into this one, you'll see that this is going a different direction.. somehow ... Hope you like it .. first time real German laguage on my lyrics I believe... ohhh...


Maggio 28 2019 13:57:37
Offfocus :D:D +0
super Patrik - und danke für den Text :)+0
Maggio 28 2019 22:40:17
Offfocus Hi René.. danke dir ! Auch dafür, bei Text hingehört zu haben :) Schön, dass er dir gefällt!! +0
Very cool sounds wonderful:W+0
Maggio 28 2019 22:39:36
Offfocus Hi PJE .. thank you very much!! +1
heya Pat, really cool bro!! :W:W :D+0
Maggio 28 2019 22:39:19
Offfocus Hey Ernie .. thanks a lot
, man!!
A beautiful Blues with a great originality that also follows other directions with lots of sonorous freshness and the sung part completes everything perfectly! :)+0
Maggio 28 2019 22:39:04
Offfocus GTood evening Stef .. thank you very much!! makes me very happy!! +0
klasse gemacht Offfocus:W+0
Maggio 28 2019 22:30:18
Offfocus Hi Peatric.. ich habe versucht deine Version zu benutzen, weil ich dein so saustark finde.. aber da bin ich ganz untergegangen, und das von mir angedachte "bisschen gehetzt, bisschen schräg" hab ich da nicht hinbekommen. +1
a really fantastic track and vocal Patrik...;););)+0
Maggio 28 2019 22:31:55
Offfocus Thank you so much, Nils!! Was kind of an adventure to sing in German, I believe mostly because I learnt, when I was young, Geman music is uncool... Maybe I need to rethink - the big advantage is: I know so much more words in German:D +1
Love it Patrik!:W:W+0
Maggio 28 2019 22:32:48
Offfocus Hey Deezee .. thank you so much! I'm waiting for the template from either side we can do music together!! +1
Maggio 29 2019 22:26:44
deezee I would love to do some music with you. Offfocus:) At the moment I'm not very well. Recovering from a minor op. Be about two weeks before I'm fully recovered.:| +0
well I really like this Pat, hip and cool and super nice :)+0
Maggio 28 2019 22:36:24
Offfocus Hi Shi!! Thank you so much .. also for having a look into the lyrics! Just wrote to Nils: it was a bit worrying me to sing German.. I think it is, that we all learnt German is uncool, when we were young.. but maybe that's silly .. and indeed there is a huge advantage coming with this language.. I know a lot of words.. and I know how to pronoune them B) This is pretty nice! Thank you again.. waiting for your next one.. I am your fan .. totally! +2
Wow! Ich hör Pat und es gefällt :) Super, watchlisted :Y Hab gar nicht gewußt daß Du so super singst :)+0
Maggio 28 2019 22:37:53
Offfocus Cool, Wolfgang!! Da freue ich mich ziemlich!! Und watchlist erst recht!! Wäre so cool deinen Bass dazuzubekommen :) +1
Maggio 29 2019 00:13:27
wjl Ich werd's auf jeden Fall nehmen und sehen was mir dazu einfällt. Hab's vorhin auch in empfohlen... :) +0
Maggio 30 2019 01:03:19
Offfocus Hi Wolfgang, wow ... danke!! Ich fühle mich sehr geenrt.. irgendwie.. auch durch deine verbindlichen Worte.. mmhh.. toll!!! Da ich heute Geburtstag habe, nehme ich das als ein ganz besonders schönes und tolles Geburtstagsgeschenk von Dir :D:D +1
Maggio 30 2019 01:19:31
wjl Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Patrik! :) +0
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