Freedom Rings

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Just an Honor to lay vocals on this Epic track by these fine musicians! CHEERS TO THE MUSICIANS!!!!


Lenny Cowler
Amazing Herman, great singing, great song !!! :) :) :)+2
WOW Herman,Amen Brother<3
Just super powerful vocals and singing, but your lyrics are what really resonated with me, towards the end you had me choked up and that ain't easy to do;)
I really think the honor is mine, nothing here makes me more happy then when I get such a fantastic vocal add...Thank you:W
Agosto 19 2019 16:17:48
Herman420 It was an honor for me to sing and to be able to sing on such an amazing template. Thank you for the kind words! +2
Agosto 19 2019 16:22:22
mortheol You are welcome;)
I am transcribing your lyrics now, I will post them here. I found your message really meaningful and want to write it out for our non-English speaking Friends here.
Agosto 19 2019 16:26:17
Herman420 Wow I appreciate the transcription. I was singing from emotion so even I would have to go back and transcribe them. Very powerful stuff. Thanks!!! :W +2
Agosto 19 2019 16:33:37
mortheol I can tell this came from your heart and soul...not from your brain, that makes it great!! +2
Outstanding Herman!+2
Agosto 25 2019 04:44:44
Herman420 Thanks +0
Hey Herman, I really love it, you have a powerful voice !! Thanks for joining! :)<3+1
Agosto 25 2019 04:45:02
Herman420 Thanks!:W +1
Lyrics for Freedom Rings:

I hold yours and you hold mine…..

Place it on your finger, it’s time, hands of time.....

I know that life can be hard, I know it stings our soul

but it’s the cost of freedom when we all let it go….here……

Place it on me, place it on you.....

It wraps around to hold your body true….

Now it’s all hard to see what it brings

but if you listen close enough you can hear freedom ring….

I wear it every day when I go out….and times are hard and people are all strung out…..

Vagabond’s and crowded homes, shattered workers, broken bones….

They bring the stress back into their homes, see what it brings….

But what holds true in our lives…. is wrapped around our little finger….

It’s something that can hold us all so close……

It bounds the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost……

Freedom rings it’s true…..

The bell tolls deep inside of me and inside of you…..

If you listen close you can hear its toll, breathe it in, in your soul… your soul…..

Now we’ve all been bound by many things…..

The stress of the government, detrimental rings…..

Shackled at home…’re not alone…. ‘cause you’re not alone, you’re not alone in your home…….

We all have freedom rings…..

We are all bound by stranger things…..

When life holds you down raise your head up high…. and push your freedom ring directly into the sky……

Hold them high, hold them close to your chest, the Holy Ghost, Father, Son, the Trinity……

All bound by freedom rings……

The freedom rings….….Freedom rings…….…It rings………

Times get hard, you’re not alone, with every scar a broken bone…..

You cast aside them bitter doubts…… you breath it in and let it out…..

We are higher than mortal things, ‘cause we are all bound by freedom rings……by freedom rings…..
Agosto 25 2019 21:01:52
fblack Beautiful!!<3<3 +1
<W wow this is excellent!!+0
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