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I just want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart to DanDiplo and RootShell for their additions to this. I know this is an emotional display of power and heavy on the aches. I get depressed a lot and try to hide it well, I know a lot of people do. There is a lot of love here on this site, I can't play my guitar or any string instruments right now. Still feeling way to much ...
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thank you for the music jehobith. sometimes our darkest times can provide the inspiration and conduit to creativity. such an emotionally charged track, thank you for sharing and expressing the pain you are going through, it takes courage to do so. please take care of yourself, my friend <3+2
Agosto 01 2021 12:33:48
jehobith Sorry for the late reply, I am humbled by your kind words. I been dealing with it my whole life. break downs, depression, I cope with it best through music. It's my outlet. Thank you for everything. :)<3 +1
it's very cool to hear you coming up with vocals emotionally loaded :) glad you can find a way to express things !+1
Agosto 01 2021 12:43:39
jehobith Sorry for the late reply OliVBee. Thank you for the kind words, I listen to this with my singing and I feel like I ruined it, Then i listen again and again and I know it came from the heart so how can it be bad. I go through spells, this probably wont be the last time you hear me like this. Thank you :)<3 +1
Thank *you* for providing this music. I honestly think the best art comes from real emotions - whether that be a place of happiness or sadness. Whether it's cathartic, I don't know, but I do think it's great to have something to channel that energy into it. Take care <3+1
Agosto 01 2021 12:39:57
jehobith I apologize for the late reply, words cannot describe what you have done with your additions to this track. I am grateful musicians like you are on this site. I don't know where I would be if I could not channel my emotions through art. Thank you Dan. <3 +1
great work, cool vocals ! :Y:Y+1
Agosto 01 2021 12:23:50
jehobith Thank you sir. was going through some rough spells.:) +1
Agosto 01 2021 12:27:13
hartmut an authentic song, best we can get! +1
Agosto 01 2021 12:28:47
jehobith <3 +1
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