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4 feb 2022
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Really beautiful<3 +3
Beautiful clean changes and mood Frankie. I guess this is host some vocals very soon :) +2
So good. Love it! +2
that's inspiring :) +2
Very nice music. +2
Superb, Frankie! One of those chord progressions where everything feels like it falls perfectly into place. Works great as an instrumental, but I can imagine a vocal tracking the lead guitar and being lovely, too. +2
Stunning and Beautiful....always heartfelt from you full of emotion and magic Frankie....the solo is full of glorious rich melody in the greatest sense Bravo my friend<3<3:o:D:W +2
this is real pretty Frankie :) sweet and delicate :) +2
7 febbraio 2022 22:28
Wade Can you help him out with a vocal for this? +0
You often evoke what seems like a simple homespun sort of Americana Music. Of course it's not simple at all and so well crafted that it just seems that way. Stunningly beautiful! +2
5 febbraio 2022 22:15
FrankieJ Thinking maybe upload a version without the solos.
What you think?
thanks Wade:)
6 febbraio 2022 10:37
Wade That would be a gift to many, but it's not like others can't back you or play harmonies and counterpoint. That's what I might do anyway. +1
6 febbraio 2022 13:30
FrankieJ Thinking the solo parts maybe not the best location for a vocalist.
That's just usual thought processes for me:)
6 febbraio 2022 20:21
Wade Someone in mind? Maybe you can invite them? +1
7 febbraio 2022 22:17
FrankieJ There are many singers here that I always hope will find favor with my works.
I think the vocalist is always present in my thinking when writing tunes like this one. Probably stems from working with a singer/songwriter for several years. Her husband was an multi-instrumentalist and my job was composing on guitar around her lyrics. Once the guitar and lyrics were established he would add all the other instrumentation resulting in a complete production. We had a few small successes primarily in radio/tv jingles.

Here on the loops the singer/songwriter has to write around the provided arrangement.
This tune kind of deviates from a standard verse, bridge, chorus structure which could conceivably make it difficult for the vocalist. Especially the first two of four solo passages prior to the finale.

I cant imagine the existing arrangement would be a problem for the soloist.
I hope you find favor with it:)
7 febbraio 2022 22:28
Wade I still think you should extend and invite. What's the worst that can happen? +1
8 febbraio 2022 00:08
FrankieJ I dont fear rejection, too much. Would not be the first time.
Guess I'm always in awe of the singer/songwriter. How they create a story in rhyme and make it fit into an arrangement. In my mind a massive undertaking to ask someone to do. Even though I know that is what they do.
Re-recording and arranging it to suit them is something I would gladly do.
With these ballad type songs I always think of Shi and Alice. Both of which have taken my little noodlings and transformed them into something wonderful.
8 febbraio 2022 02:08
Wade I've taken the liberty of giving a hint to Shi. +1
Lovely! :) +1
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What's really unique here is the positive attitude of the community, with encouragement and support for everyone. I found that nowhere else on the net.
Lutz from France

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