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a break away from the hectic work schedule lately :) 115bpm...cheers friends! [img][/img]


... then I wish you a really relaxing weekend, so in the way the track dissolves into the harmonic part.[img][/img] Good that today is already Friday. Cool template my friend! :):)+3
Febbraio 18 2022 07:57:58
rootshell thx rest for the weary, got work as well on Saturday...looking forward to some time off next month though :W +3
Been missing you so much Nick, hope you can chill and just make magnificent music like this forever……I have to work too now but later……rocking out with you Brother<3<3<3:o:W:)+3
Febbraio 19 2022 03:52:20
rootshell hey brotha, been missing you and your energy...can I borrow some of that :D <3 can't wait to join in with you soon :W <3 +1
Febbraio 19 2022 11:34:13
PJE :D<3Cant wait either Nick and always sending you all the positive energy I can, over the digital waves....thanks and my best regards to you my Brother Stay Charged<3:o +1
I feel your pain. That's the life I've been living for the last 3 months and there is no end in site. My wife keeps asking me to schedule some vacation time and I don't see how I can. My team and I are flat out every day and can barely keep up. We supply thousands of different components and assemblies to a global OEM and have always been understaffed for the volume of business we do. We've navigated the shattered supply chain better than most of our customer's other suppliers so they've grabbed on to us like drowning passengers from a sinking ship all clawing for the same flotation device. It's not possible for us to fix everything others are failing at but they are more than willing to schedule another Teams meeting to bully us into it.

Great track as always. Incredible guitar tone too. Killing it as always. :o:W<3
Febbraio 19 2022 03:50:09
rootshell hoping you can get that vacation on the calendar Ron. I'm sure you really need it brotha. we've managed to get just a lil breather about a month ago, but are ramping up as we plan to go back onsite next month and deal with hybrid schedules. too many projects got me exhausted lately. you take care Ron and as always, good to hear from you and hope to hear some killer tracks from you too :W +0
Fantastic build up! Great use of space to build that tension. Love the riff! Said it before, you should be selling platinum albums, 'cos your riffs are better than most commercial bands!+2
Febbraio 19 2022 03:46:12
rootshell thx so much Dan, very kind of you to say <3 +0
This is obviously going to get a lot of attention. So many fine templates from you with your style of creativity.+1
Febbraio 19 2022 03:51:00
rootshell thx so much Wade. I need to catch up on your tracks...been missing those sweet sax sounds <3 +1
I perfectly understand you my friend ... fortunatly I was able to take a day off on Monday :). We have to quit our jobs and start a band together...The "Spaghetti Western Big Band"...soldout everywere! :D
Great and intense track :W
Febbraio 19 2022 03:45:49
rootshell haha spaghetti western sounds cool to me :D :W thx Carlo, hope all is well with you :) +1
Febbraio 19 2022 19:26:24
Carlomac It's all ok, thanks bro :) +1
Excellent as always:W:D+1
Febbraio 19 2022 03:44:56
rootshell thank you Baerenkind :W +1
Its like a classic you haven't heard for awhile :D you know when folk say 'they dont make music like that anymore'!?❤❤❤+1
Febbraio 19 2022 03:44:39
rootshell so kind, thank you Tu :D <3 +0
Great Nick<3:W+1
Febbraio 19 2022 03:44:19
rootshell thx Tony :W +0
Creativity al servizio del Rock! Fantastic track Nick! :)+1
Marzo 11 2022 20:09:54
rootshell thanks so much Stef :W +0
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