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I have 47 thousand Youtube subscribers. Can I help?

I have 47 thousand Youtube subscribers. Can I help?

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Hi guys!

Well, it's been my first day here, and I've already put three Bass lines down on tracks, and I have fallen in love with this site, the concept, the community and everything.

I teach Bass on Youtube, and am currently going for a world record. I've been posting a tuition video a day, with the aim to do one every day for a year.

I really think my subscribers could benefit from this. There are so many positives to it. It's the perfect idea.

I want to help. I'm going to do a video promoting the site. But can I post the jams I've been involved with on youtube?

Of course, I wouldn't monetise them. I'd give full credit to the other musicians, and would also link straight back to the original jam so my followers could input as well.

I don't mind if I can't do that, it's ok. I'll still be promoting this site as much as I can. I'm just trying to figure out ways that can help as much as possible :)

Thanks for welcoming on the jams by the way guys. That was much appreciated :)

Here's my channel:

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maybe a good chance to get wikiloops more popular...if you want you can use each jam
from my member profile for this idea...but I also have to say that I dont much know
about copyrights ?!
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OliVBee Supporter
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Hey Dmanlamius (Kris ?) and welcome to wikiloops !

it's usually no problemo to post on youtube as long as :
- you get the permission from everybody on the jam to post
- you credit the musicians participating to the jam you added to
- you mention the link to the wikiloops jam :)

glad to have you around ! i'm sure you'll have tons of fun ;)
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Dick Supporter
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Hey Dmanlamius & welcome to wikiloops!
Glad you've come to like this place, and thanks for inquiring instead of just going ahead with your idea.
You are asking a question that is not simple to answer, let me try to do it as short as possible:
Legally speaking, posting wikiloops tracks as part of video to youtube (or vimeo/facebook ... whatever) is not covered by the wikiloops public license, which only covers private use.
Since the named video hosting platforms are buisnesses who like to apply their own licenses to uploaded content, you would have to seek the authors seperate permission prior to doing so.
Now, that was the legal side, here goes the "common practise" -
of course, many people create video using wikiloops tracks, and anyone who participates here likes to get heard - and as long as you don't monetize the tracks without sharing with the contributers, it has been common practise to allow such videos if the due credit is given to wikiloops and the participants.
Most importantly,
+ the participating musicians should be stated both in the video description and the video itself (p.e. by text overlay)
+ wikiloops.com should be displayed in the video, and
+ a working, clickable link to the used session on wikiloops must be placed in the immediatly visible top part of the video description.

I hope that does give you of an idea how this may work - just one more thought, since you will be introducing wikiloops to a larger audience:
Please do us a favor, and make it crystal clear that cover versions of copyrighted tracks are not allowed on wikiloops.com.
As a bass teacher, you'll probably do some cover songs to introduce certain techniques, and yes, you may use wikiloops tracks as backings in your video, but I'd really hate to have to remove 123 bass versions of "be my frankenstein" after you taught your folks how to play that - so, pretty please, keep that in mind!

Thank you very much for your efforts to introduce wikiloops to your audience, always nice to get recommended!
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Dick Supporter
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lol, MrBee was quicker & shorter than me again :)
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Thanks, guys! Ok, I understand the situation with Youtube. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

RE: The cover songs. The 365 videos are all original lines (apart from 5) created by me. I'm thinking of ways to implement them educationally alongside what others have already created on here.

I'll be getting a T-shirt as well, which I'll be using in my videos. Oh, and supporting member of course :)

Thanks again guys
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...what a nice guy:)
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5 bucks for all I got from this site is nothing...I'm just an oldie (51) begineer guitar player and these backtrack are very very useful for my improvement.Thanks and Happy Christmas from Italy
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