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Sort by "thumbs up" by Genre

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Maybe this is already in wikiloops, so please forgive me if I'm asking for something that already exists.

The number of sessions will just continue to grow over time, which is a great thing. A challenge will be how users will quickly discover really hot tracks when the library becomes huge.

I love the fact that the newest tracks pop up on the home page, but how about creating a sorting option, by genre, to show sessions either in order of submission (newest on top of list), or by rating (most thumbs up to top of list).

IE> I've recently focused a lot on Reggae, and I would like to find some really good backing concepts. today, I can search by Genre, but it would take a lot of time (that I don't have) to find some of the more popular sesssions. While I have yet to find anything I don't like in the wikiloops sessions,( a lot of good musicians here) some jams just happen to be a bit more catchy that others.

Of course, part of the fun of wikiloops is finding random backing tracks, and I don't think anyone really wants a popluarity contest. However, as an optional search, it would be good to know which ones are most appreciated by other users sorted by number of thumbs up.
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Hi darkhalo,
i think the normal search is "by thumbs". Just have a look to the buttoms on top, you will find an "search-buttom"

A nice option would be search "by most played".
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the search engine has two order modes:
- latest orders by timeline
- best rated orders by thumbs (standard)

selecting only a style shows style tracks ordered by thumbs
and here comes the catch:
a) in backing track mode it shows best rated with up to three musicians
b) in advanced sessions mode, tracks with 4+ musicians are shown ordered by thumbs (I guess that was what you were looking for)

as soon as an instrument is selected, tracks with that instrument are shown. Theese results are ordered showing jams with exact matches first and tracks that also contain the selected instrument or shown below.

hope this helps a little...

the backingtrack / advanced jam split is not something I'm especally fond of - since we have only one rating system so far, too many complete tracks showed on the top of the list before we did that, and the idea of a backing track search didnt work out that way. We would need to have a two category rating system - one for "jammability" (backing track usability) and one for LIKE-feelings to differentiate that.... and I have a feeling thats not a good solution either.

Actually, the number of remixes a track gets does play a little role in the loopsearch-results, too. Thats the state of things right now. Feedback appreciated :)
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