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Remix comments - do I get notified?

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If someone creates a remix of a remix (i.e. a 'grandchild') of something I've uploaded, do I get a notification? If not, it would be nice to have the option. (If you're a drummer or bassist the real magic might not start to happen until several steps down the remix chain!)

Similarly, is there any way to get notified of thumbs ups or new comments on a descendant or an upload? Obviously you get notifications for your uploads but as someone does a remix you lost visibility at the moment.

Other questions..

I could have sworn there used to be a way of seeing a list of _who_ has given you a thumbs up rather than just the total number, but I can't seem to find it again!

An finally (!) I notice that the thumbs up button allows you to give a 'reason' like "perfect for practice". Are these ever shown anywhere or are they just an old unused feature?

Anyway, keep up the great work Dick - really enjoying being here :)
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quite a list you put together here, let me try to sort it out one by one :)

1st: Generally, you will only be notified about comments and thumbs that go straight to your tracks,
you are right that you may miss interaction on "children" if you do not check manually, on the other hand, you might soon feel your newsfeed was so flodded with such notifications that you'd be interested to disable that if that was different. I elaborated on that aspect in your other thread about thumb etiquette, hope that makes sense to you.
1.1: The only exception to this rule (added 11/2016, too) are comments which are given thru either the Radio or Album pages - since folks listening threre are more likely to comment on the track as a complete work (as opposed to commenting on the current remix), these comments will create notifications and show up on your newsfeed even if you were not the last one to add to a track.

2: There is a list of "who liked", just open the tracks statistics, you will find a display of how many users chose which kind of "thumb". If you hover over the displayed icons, you will get to see who chose which kind of rating.

3: The "good for practise" etc choices are listed in the statistics box, too.
This feature was just recently added (11/2016) and could be seen as in an experimental state.
Obviously, people enjoy being able to give those slightly differentiated thumbs,
if they will at some point become usefull to bring some improved order into the wikiloops search engines result listings will have to be evaluated, we need to wait a little longer before one can experiment with that (following the good old data-miners rule: "In order to find the needle in the haystack, first thing you need is a big haystack!").
Chances are it will make sense to offer the "good for practise"-rated tracks to people looking for just that, but some of the offered choices are really more of the fun kind.

Hope that covers it & have fun around!
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Thanks Dick - that makes a lot of sense :)

>There is a list of "who liked", just open the tracks statistics

Aha - would never have found that on my own - thanks!
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I admit right away that there are quite a handfull of not-yet-documented new features (also including the watchlist).
The amount of time that can go into updating the help section is enormous if you keep in mind everything needs to be translated seven times, it will eventually happen but does not have the very highest priority as for now (if you had an idea how few people care to look at help sections, you'd understand why - the work vs. visitors ratio of help articles is probably the worst).
If you are interested, have a look in the beta-testers forum, I did give some hints and explanations about the newly added features there, and the currently available help section is still correct in 99% of all cases, just missing some additional info.
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