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What instrument would like your to find on wikiloops?

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A subject of discussion without solution, simply an exchange of idea on the subject.
I believe that the guitarists represent the great majority of loopers. The bass-player is not far behind...
A graph would be feasible, but it is not it the subject :)

I shall like finding on wikiloops:

- Washboard
- Fiddle (more)
- Banjo
- Cello (more)
- Spanish Guitar
- Acoustic Bass
- Upright Bass
- Indian Cythar

And others traditionnal instrument from Asia, Africa and Europe...
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As a great admirer of "world/folk" music. I'd be happy to hear almost everything. It's hard to know if the intention for wikiloops was to encompass all sorts of music, but it is certainly open to all. As it is I doubt that a player of a traditional instrument (unless they were going to join in on a "Western Popular Style" track), would post their traditional music. There's little/nothing which demonstrates that anyone here is interested.

Even though we have a "Classical" category it's seldom used and the tracks that are there resemble beats more than Beethoven. Hard to imagine an Indian "classical" player posting a raga, although I'd love it.

I don't play many world/ethnic instruments, however I see titi's post as a challenge, which I hope to accept. Will spare everyone beginner's violin, but may go for duduk and a few other snake charming instruments.

Thanks titi for the challenge.
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I agree with you dear Wade, and wikiloops also exists as support of exchange and curiosity.
All the musicians who are present here like the different things and especially original because out of context.
We are many to be amazed in the sound of the Celtic-Harp of Caroljoyce, and hypnotized in the sound of the Hang of George. T... To cite.
Rare instruments in tones and in directory except usual plan.
The presence of these rare unusual instruments opens more the chanps of the possible. And allow something else inspirational.
It is in the sense that the subject is interesting.
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As a song writer and guitar player/bass player what would be helpful and (not just for me---but for all---I think) More Horns, Charted Horns that aren't in need of being a soloist(aka Reggae styled horns, Jersey Shore Styled horns, Memphis Styled horn, Chicago Styled, Dixieland Styled, Horn Quintets including woodwinds, Flutes including more than one cello player, Violin players that don't need to be soloist but supporting as well, more vocals, more supporting keys, Rhodes, Hammond, Supporting piano, drummers, more harmonicas, Slide guitar, Accordians, .......MORE........More.....More!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think there is was way for this to be accomplished---I live in a city of 305,215 people. We have 2 higher Education University level schools in our area, we have high-schools that have very good jazz band and orchestras---If there was a Flyer that we could post around these classes and schools, and then maybe see if they would give a time to speak to an auditorium full of curious students or a band room full of students, Talk to the professors about giving credit to students for participating on tracks and grade them according to the principals they are being taught....ie Composition, charting, performance, mixing/recording skills as doing these will prepare student for future work in the the music industry at whatever level they are able to attain.

So if we all could become involved in this I think, I think the ROBUSTNESS of styles and talent and support could exponentially grow. If you just spent 2 one-noter jams in E or A or C worth of time going and just putting up flyers
around your local schools/universities on joining with other musicians on wikiloops.com, even further meet with the recording department professor and see if you can give a demo.

One thing I am doing is creating a radio show for my local area and featuring the music of wikiloops--some (here on wikiloops)have been asked if I can play your music over the radio. During this time I will remind listeners if they participate on wikiloops by adding to tracks then their work might be featured on the program--locally--This is for a Public Radio station which mostly plays National Public Radio Programs and Classical Music--It is hard but not impossible to get final approval to have this show from a PUBLIC radio station--I am going to push very hard this next week to get final approval on this project.

So inviting a friend here or there is good, but Inviting hundreds is WAAAAAAY better, percentage-wise
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GemmyF has a lovely idea that I think is good, but not necessarily for the reasons he states. It's not difficult to find computer horn sections that can be to tailored whatever sound you want, and they are getting so good that (as a horn player) I can't tell that they are coming out of a computer. So what's the future of players being in a live horn section? For that matter what's the future of musicians coming out of universities?

I'd like to see University students sitting in at wikiloops because it's a creative experience and can open their minds to music's possibilities. I'm familiar with the way sax players (other than "classical/orchestral sax) are taught at the High School and University levels. They are fed a diet of 1950-1960 mainstream jazz and pretty much told to copy that. Improvisation is reduced to a formulation of what players were doing 60 years ago so that reading a chart becomes a cut and paste exercise. In my opinion it's the antithesis of creative musicianship and certainly isn't helping any of those students towards a future in music.

By all means invite university students to jump in and lets open their minds. Inviting them to just be backing horn sections for our tracks just seems...well...not quite right.
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...someone's got to create the samples... :) "mischievous grin"
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