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Wikiloops AI makes me do things now

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The other day I was PM'ing with Gemmy about getting a new interface for recording, anyway he recommended I have a look at the Behringer UMC404HD U-Phoria. I did look it up, the price is 97 Euro - so I was thinking about it but not buying it yet - maybe wait for the next wages to come in? Shop around?? I just spend so much on my holiday, I am afraid to look into my account in case I get swallowed up by the great black hole that lives on my credit card and preys on lost souls that dare to enter!

But, as things go, today I was munching on my sandwich at lunch, reading stuff about Steinfeld, and then my mind started drifting and saying to me: "You will go to Steinfeld, come back on Monday, then it will take you a few days to decide, you order the interface, takes a few days to arrive, and before you know it you can't record for 2, 3 weeks" ..... so I thought I'll have another look. Went to Thoman and Amazon (through the Wikiloops link of course!!!), and googling and then while I was searching for it I put "U-Phoria" in the search box of the shop.

AND JUST THEN I STARTED TO HEAR A WOMAN SINGING TO ME THROUGH MY COMPUTER SPEAKERS "U-Phoria U-Phoria" again and again. It did my head in!!! "U-Phoria U-Phoria" - WT*???? So I went back to the Wikiloops windows, and there it was: [wl]145433[/wl] 0:47

So what is going on here?? Being an avid SciFi fan, I've read the book and saw the movie.... Basically, Dick's creation has reached consciousness and is now making sure I keep recording :O :O ;)

P.S. Needless to say, I clicked on "buy" and expect the interface on Monday ready for some recording :D :D
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You will buy the Uphoria. Honestly I have the four input one and its way better then the focusrite. You will be euphoric whether you want to or not.
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This is the one Wikiloops made me buy

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Yep thats the one! The preamp is killer. The mix knob is cool as well so you can blend in your headphones while recording without effecting your recording levels.
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funny how the universe swings, eh?
i have been scoping that out too, and gemmyF recommended it to me too. 100 bucks U$D , i might miss my old mackie mixer but it is big, and i have not done multi channel in forever, and the behringer unit does 4 channels.

on the other hand i have been looking at this/these, because i think it might make make more improvement to my output:

they are adjustable in such a way that you can make them perform more evenly given the space they are in.

i look forward to hearing the unit
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I've got the one for my brother - the 202HD - after reading this:


And today I'd probably also get one of the 4- or even 8-channel input ones. Normally I just need one channel, but having 4 or 8 just in case a drummer comes along is great of course.

Still have to hear it tho - I live close to Frankfurt, my brother lives in Cologne. But I bet there wouldn't be much difference between them, that you would probably only hear in a direct A/B comparison.

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a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 USB Audio Interface which has 4 preamps --like the Uphoria product(They call it 18 cause it can accept spdif---(and that means you have to have another piece of expensive equipment)
The Uphoria has XLR outs if you wanted to run into a mixing board in a live music scenario after having your tracks totally tweaked in your computer (the perfect sounds--for your live set --Panning....) Focusrite only has line level outs(Noise possibilities)
But you pay 3 times more for a Focusrite
You could put the extra $200 towards something else --like maybe a 1TB Ram drive for your laptop so You'll blaze -- with NO dogging down!

I know a guy who makes around $200K a year and has bought an SG, A Strat, and a Marshall, and......a Focusrite(all this year) so if you're that kind of guy buy a Focusrite....but if you're scraping by like I am....get a Uphoria

Any of you rich guys want to buy a painting????
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