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V11 good-to-know log

v11 good-to-know log

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Hey folks,
first of all thank a lot for doing some beta testing on version 11, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

I'd like to point out a few good-to-know items to you today, so we can make sure you are not reporting already known issues,
or getting stuck on issues which do not fall into the scope of the current update.

I'm happy whenever people send screenshots or precise descriptions of the steps taken prior to experiencing some kind of odd behaviour.
Also, praise to anyone who ads his browser & operating system when reporting bugs, that also does help a lot.

Now, let me point you at a few things you might find handy whilst testing, and which you may need if you keep using the evolving beta site.
The main thing is: Watch your browser cacheS. with a capital S on the end, because I'm using several caching mechanisms, and today I'd like to explain that a little.

Generally, a cache stores things on your device, so things like images do not need to be downloaded again and again, but can be fetched from your local harddrive instead of from the internet.
The downside to this handy browser feature is that I might have changed the image (or, more important, the script packages) to fix some issue, and you may not get to see my fix because your browser still uses the previously cached file.
Now, the quickest way to fetch the state-of-the-art scripts from the server and to bypass any cached files on a windows system is to press ctrl+F5, that will do a fresh reload of the page and all script & image assets,
so that is a good practise to know when looking at seemingly bugged things.

Now, new in version 11, wikiloops is making use of a technology called "service worker", which is like a seperate kind of cache with some more controll over which files are stored locally.
The main benefit (as far as I can tell so far) is that a service worker can keep serving a page (from that cache) even tho your mobile device has just gone offline, so, for wikiloops, we might make use of it to let you take along your last five listened-to tracks to the offline world, just to give one use example.
That is not in development yet, I'm just talking potential here.

The whole point of this thread is:
ctrl+F5 will not clear the service worker cache, so I'd like to make sure you know where to "kill" that during beta testing.
I do have this gutfeeling some of you may have started beta testing early and "caught" the earliest script version in your service worker caches, which wasn't properly set up to update itself, so let's better make sure no one gets stuck there.

The following explanation works for Windows+Chrome browser, please do as follows:

When on the w11-domain, press F12 to open the developer console.
locate & switch to the tab labelled "application"
on the top of the tab, below "Service Workers", there are three checkboxes.
Tick "update on reload" and "bypass for network", then reload the page.
You may un-tick these checkboxes after that and close the console by pressing F12 again,
or you move over to the Tab labelled "console", in which you may observe all kinds of nerdy status reports.
If you spot anything red-printed there whilst observing some bug, make sure to let me know what it said (or best: take a screenshot including the console).

Last, some known issues:
I'm aware the player currently doesn't always show up, sometimes one sees the standard audio player bar instead. Ignore that for a bit, please, it's a known issue that will vanish soon.
I'm also aware the "online users panel" looks and behaves a little funky, and that there are odd text bits showing up in the infomation dropdowns - both is related to the beta domain and will vanish once the version goes "live".
That is also the case with funky error messages on the edit profile page.
Yes, the small message chat boxes have been dropped in the new version, hope nobody misses them too badly.
Also known: The band setup page is not yet updated, and neither is the moderation interface...I'm working on it.

So much for tonight, hope you guys are happyily jamming out there :)
wikiloops online jamsessions are brought to you with friendly support by:
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I´m not a very good guitarist but this site is awesome. Will keep on supporting :-) Greetings from Germany :-)
Chuck Stew from Germany

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