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Dorothy Wilson


Andrew went to his local pub one night.
Went to the bar, and ordered a pint.
Put his name down on the board,
for a game of pool.
He isn't bad at the game,
he's kind of cool.

After his pint, he feels just great.
Then looks at the table, to contemplate.
Then looks at the board, it's nearly his game.
So goes to the bar, and orders the same.

He looks across and thinks,
I can easily beat him.
And sits back down,
with a kind of a grin.

The game is over,
and the other guy looks at him,
probably thinking, he will win.
He sets the balls in their position,
wondering if there is much opposition.

The winner breaks the balls.
They go all over the place.
Andrew pots a yellow.
That didn't please the other fellow.
He thought they were all on for him.

Andrew's pleased, he has a grin.
He's quite good at putting
the yellows in.
He manages to put five down,
with two to go.
The other one starts to play
very slow.
He tries to cover up the pockets
with all the reds.
He hasn't potted one yet.
But Andrew will be the winner.
Its a safe bet!

The game goes on.
It's Andrew's turn to pot.
But his mind goes on something
that he'd forgot, and pots a red by mistake.
Leaving the other fellow with a big break.

He hasn't much to do,
as they are practically in the pocket.
The other one feels just great,
but oh no! he's made a mistake.
And Andrew is standing there
feeling cool. Now it's his turn
to play the game of pool!

Then Oh No!, he's also missed the pot.
His minds gone on, something he'd forgot.
He still has two to go,
now this game's going very slow.

A sigh of relief
comes on the other ones face.
And now he's potting his balls
all over the place.
But he finally makes a mistake,
And leaves Andrew with two shots
to take.
Andrew weighs up the situation.
He has two balls left,
and the other one has one.

He thinks, should I snooker,
or go for the pot.
I'll take the chance,
it's all I've got.
He pots a yellow,
with another one to go.
And carefully aim's at the other
yellow, very slow.

He pots that one as well.
By this time,
his head's began to swell.
The black is in,
an awkward position.
And he takes a look at his opposition.
With a smile upon his face,
thinks to himself,
I'll have to pot it, so I don't look a fool.
And gets on again, with the game of pool.

But he forgot to chalk his cue.
He takes his shot, and miscues.
Leaving the other fellow with a break.
he pots his red, and feels just great.
Now it's a black ball game for both of them.
The black is in between
the middle pocket, and the top.
But a big blonde walked in,
and the guy missed his shot.
Leaving Andrew this time,
with a break.
He thinks, I can't miss this,
make no mistake.
I'm not going to feel a fool.
And he potted it, and felt supercool.
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That was awesome!
What is that?
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what's what ? Thanks Dr
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It's a game played in pubs, similar to Snooker if thats what you was referring to.
It has smaller table.:D
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