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The Coronavirus Blues And Drummers Interested In Some 'Lessons'.

The Coronavirus Blues And Drummers Interested In Some 'Lessons'.

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mpointon Supporter
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Hey all on the Wikiloops world. I see Alex has already done a thread on offering online lessons in our isolated times but I'd like, if I may, to gauge interest in online lessons too, in particular, on song and style/genre interpretation.

I'm looking to make it open for all - there's no money, advertising or personal interest in this (apart from a smidge of self-promotion and, I hope, a healthy chunk of Wikiloops promotion) - but I'd like to offer some musicianship lessons to the drummers out there. I've still a few days of technical challenges to overcome (not least because a couple of things I need aren't turning up until Wednesday!) before I'm ready for live. These will be online 'clinics' rather than individual lessons. Anyone can join if they want.

If I ran a series of live lessons on musical genres, musical interpretation and general musicianship - this isn't about being a clever player, just the trademarks of styles which you could wheel out to get you through a track - would you drummers out there be interested? Rather than focus on specific songs or clever tricks, I want it to be open to everyone of all abilities, and I feel arming players with some knowledge of how the various styles work would be a good place to start.

As part of this, I'd like to use Wikiloops backing tracks, representing the genres I'd like to cover. So my second question is would people/Wikiloops object if I used tracks that had their playing on them? I'm happy to ask individual performer permission if necessary but this is for educational purposes rather than any other gain.

I have so many years of playing behind me and, as part of that, I've learned a variety of party tricks to get me through styles, genres and songs in general which I'd like to pass on for nothing more than sheer enjoyment of doing so.

I don't want to use commercial tracks for obvious copyright reasons.
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OliVBee Supporter
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another generous offer :) love the concept !
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TeeGee Supporter
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Very generous Mr. P, lovely idea. It's a pity I don't know how to drum, I am sure you are a very good teacher :W

P.S. Of course you can use any of my tracks although I doubt that they will be of any use other than the "...and that, folks, is how NOT to do it..." ;)
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That’s fantastic and I’m so happy to see someone with your skill set embarking upon helping other players. Such a wonderful response and doing it gratis makes it achievable for so many players out there who might be in need of some help. Please feel free to use anything I’ve uploaded if it’s of any use. I sincerely hope those players who need help will join you on this. Sincerely, Alex
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mpointon Supporter
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Thanks people. I'm a lucky person - I really am. The CV lockdown just isn't hurting me financially or work-wise because I'm already home-based so working during these bizarre times is no different to how I - and my employer - have been working anyway.

The only longer-term danger to my employment is that we're still an investment-based company and the financial markets have, of course, got the jitters.

As a result, I can continue to invest in improving my home gear, etc., to make me able to do these things.

I hope all you people out there suffering financial, or otherwise, hardships in these most weird of times can weather the storm. My hope of contributing something pales into insignificance compared to what others are or will have to endure in the coming months. What token gesture I can give back is nothing compared to putting a meal on the table.
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I would love to take you up on that offer, I really could use the help :D I said I was a drummer in front of Mikebanez once and he spit his beer!
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