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All of a Sudden chapter 3

All of a Sudden chapter 3

Lyric #2423 by Davnel99

Tags: Chapter 3 of short story - All of a Sudden
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All of a Sudden chapter 3

A large white limousine, smoking rubber, screeched to a halt.
Rapid rifle and pistol fire was exiting thru the open windows
of the limo, and people all along the street, including myself
were ducking behind lamp posts, mail boxes, down alley ways.
I didn't know if the mysterious blond lady and her companion
had been able to avoid the flying bullets or not. The Limo
screeched it's tires again, and sped away down the street.
I raced over and into the building to see shattered glass, but
no one was in sight. I glanced quickly at the elevator as I
heard the ding and the doors closing. The elevator had
started it's ascent by the time I arrived. I watched the LED
numbers rise and then finally stop at the 13th floor. I pushed
the up button and the elevator began to descend. It had made
no other stops going up and appeared it would not stop
on it's return trip until it arrived at the ground floor.
The bell rang and the door slid open, when all of a sudden...

The cops were now entering the building with they're guns
drawn, and they were looking right at me. Out of shear
terror, I raised my hands as they approached. They asked
me of course who i was, and what I was doing there. They
wanted to know what I knew. For some strange reason,
I told them I knew nothing, I was just passing by, heard
the shots and ducked in here. While 2 of the cops were
questioning me, another had gone to the open and dancing
elevator door. He yelled for his buddies, I followed them.
There lying on the elevator floor was the strange man I
had seen with the mysterious blond. Blood was coming
out of his neck. He was dead alright, with this look of
sheer terror on his wrinkled face. I did not know if he had
been shot by the people in the white limo, or, crap,
I wondered if the blond had anything to do with it.
And I knew she had gotten off the elevator on the 13th floor .
At least I thought she did. The cops were looking at me
again suspiciously, when out of the corner of my eye
all of a sudden ...

There she was, sneaking out a side door. How in the hell
did she do that? I thought one of the cops was going to
see her, and again I don't know why, but I stood in front
of him, blocking his view and began asking him questions.
I was already under some suspicion, and my interruption
was not very well accepted. He told me to go sit down
in one of the chairs in the reception area, and he would
be with me shortly. He had questions he wanted to ask
me. Don't leave he said, I will be there in a minute as
soon as my sergeant shows up. So I found myself a
stuffed chair and sat down, running the whole scene
through my head again. When all of a sudden ...

Gomer LePoet... aka Dave Nelson
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