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I recently reread the novel Dune by Frank Herbert and wrote these lyrics. I intended to record them and found some music I thought would work, but my attempt was so poor I abandoned it. I have zero intention of using these lyrics so I thought perhaps there's someone out there who might like them. Have at it.

It has been prophecied
The Savior's coming soon

On the edge
of the galaxy
Lies a planet with two moons
Iraqus to the Fremen, hellhole to the Throne
To others it is Dune

A hostile place of swirling sand
Moisture scarce and precious
Secrets hidden in the rocks
Sheltering life's essence

Water is the source
Of both law and religion
And history is subject
To grotesque revision

Fremen eyes
Blue on blue
Drop by drop
they are ruled
Fremen eyes
Blue on blue

Flesh to the person
Water to the tribe
And not a single drop be wasted
When they pass to the other side

We all shall meet our Maker
Upon the shifting sands
And the spice shall show the way
To the promised lands
To the promised lands

Iraqus Iraqus (Arrakis)
Can you hear the call
Iraqus Iraqus
Watch the empire fall

Muadib's on their lips
To him
They pledge their water
The jihad is a river of
The blood of sons and daughters
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