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(I know your tired
I know your weary
didn't sleep last night
you're too afraid of dreaming
you lay there and cry
hoping no-one hears the pain
the pain inside)
I wait at the gate
every day until dark
I keep calling for you
and pleading
My heart is breaking
It's broken
It's bleedin'
( you didn't sleep last night
Cause your too afraid of dreaming)
dreams they're unpredictable
confusion in my life
(Who gives them the right
To take you from your child
'though you know they're alive
you can't stop yourself from grieving )
I still wait at the gate every night until dark
Too afraid to go to sleep
That's when the nightmares start
(I know your tired)
I'm still waiting n hoping n praying
you'll walk through that gate
say your staying
like you used to do
Now I'm a man
I'm still stuck at that gate
( hoping no-one hears the pain)
I see the rustin ,the flaking
what used to be us
Falling apart we deteriorate
(The pain inside)
Your love
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