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One, Two, Free?

One, Two, Free?

Lyric #2740 by bassMonkey

Tags: Rock, A bit gloomy, realtionships, slow bits then fast bits.
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Roots and branches, trees of life,
See the hand that holds the knife,
Carving slowly.
One for sorrow, two for joy,
More than six might kill the boy,
Happy families.

I think I lost myself.
But guess what I found out?

You've nothing I want,
So I'm not gonna take it,
Don't make a promise I know that you'll break it,
All you can do now,
Is cut me some slack,
I'm going to walk out and I'm not coming back.

Lots of lovely things to hate,
Chalked up on a little slate,
So you own them.
You'll destroy them one by one,
Wiping them off as they're done,
That'll show them.

I love to play the game.
It's winning I can't bear.

I don't mind the pain,
But I can't take the pressure,
It's never the rain but it's always the weather,
Benevolent hailstones,
Still fall on my head,
Never a good day when you're better off dead.

Watch the monsters that we bind,
In the corners of our minds,
Creeping closer.
Paranoia, fear and doubt,
Rising up and seeping out,
Full disclosure.

I can't recall my name.
But I know who I am now.

Tired of the mindgames,
But forever in deadlock,
We might break the chains but we're still in the headlock,
Dogged delusions,
Keep us pretending,
This is a story with no happy ending.
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