Dirty Dog

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Tags: Blues Rock, Kids Telling Tales, Suspicious Characters
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Dirty Dog's back have you heard the news?
He's been seen all over the place,
And he ain't round here to do no damn good,
You can tell by the look on his face.

Dirty Dog drinkin' that moonshine whiskey,
It's the same stuff he puts in his car,
And he can't buy a drink in this town anyways,
Got his ass banned from every bar.

Dirty Dog's comin' to town babe,
Dirty Dog's comin' to town,
Gonna be visitin' your place,
Gonna be seein' ya' round,
The last thing you need when a bitch is on heat,
Is a Dirty Dog sniffin' around.

Dirty Dog chewin' on Red Man Plug,
Spittin' 'bacca juice out on the street,
Smile like a brass plate screwed on a coffin,
Freakin' out everybody he meets.

Dirty Dog shoppin' at Circle K,
On the hunt for a camouflage cap,
He can't find one 'cause they're too well hidden,
Seem like everythin' givin' him crap.


Dirty Dog foolin' with outlaw women,
At a tailgate down by the creek,
They out there gettin' to God knows what,
Every God damn night of the week.

Dirty Dog disappeared late one night,
And I don't know what happened for sure,
But I heard a few citizens paid him a call,
To say they didn't want to see him no more.

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The imagined voices here were a couple of schoolkids
discussing the unexpected return of a local "character".
Hence the general intention to have them trying to freak each
other out a bit - The tales get taller as they try to "talk tough"
and largely fail. I also snuck a bit of a Tommy Cooper joke in.

This is a bassline that I've been playing for the chorus - I'm sure others
could do much better - Moved from A to B ;)

[my chorus tab (4/4)]
G ---- ---- ---- ----| ---- ---- ---- ----|
D ---- ---- ---- ----| ---- ---- ---- ----|
A 222- 333- 5--- 3---| 222- 3--- ---- ----| x 2
E ---- ---- ---- ----| ---- ---- 5--- ----|

G ---- ---- ---- ----| ---- ---- ---- ----|
D ---- 3-3- 666- 5---| ---- ---- ---- ----|
A 5-5- ---- ---- ----| 3-3- 555- ---- ----|
E ---- ---- ---- ----| ---- ---- 5--- ----|

As you can probably imagine - the above makes a lot more sense cut-and-pasted into courier or other fixed-width font...
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