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Sophistical Acrobatics

Sophistical Acrobatics

Lyric #2786 by bassMonkey

Tags: Populism, Destructive divisiveness, Sun Tzu, Voltaire, Disco,
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In the back-streets of Philosophy,
The mental midgets set their stalls,
The acrobats of sophistry,
Entice you with their siren calls,
And there's no point explaining how,
Destruction flows from all they've done,
So many flock towards them now,
Like sheep toward a loaded gun.

Don't try pointing out their error,
Or as one they'll turn on you,
And in the cross-hairs of their terror,
You'll find out what hate can do,
Though given time fate may deliver,
Aspects of it's grim reply,
Wait a while here by the river,
Bodies will come floating by.

Remember when we stood together?
It wasn't all that long ago,
And despite the change of weather,
There are things we all should know,
The truth back then is true today,
However you may play it,
I disagree with what you say,
I'd die for your right to say it.
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Pray for the day that you hear the sounds,
Of the idiots fading away,
Don't you always find that the loudest voices,
Are the ones that have nothing to say.
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