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Whisky Priest

Lyric #2942 by bassMonkey

Tags: Rock Sensibility, Darkish, Drunken Philosophy, Mangled Metaphors.
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I was having a ball,
Making up for the time,
I was sure I had missed,
'Till I found it was all,
Just a little more proof,
That I didn't exist.

I went out of my mind,
Trying to figure that out,
But could never explain,
So I left it behind,
Smashed and burnt on the ground,
And I started again.

Standing on the outside,
Hammering a fist on the door,
Hear them on the inside,
Frightened of what this could be for.

It's the power of faith,
It's the flower of truth,
An incentive to try,
But it's also wraith,
From a dream of despair,
And a reason to die.

Sure you break the damn rules,
But whatever you try,
You can't shake off their dust,
In this desert of fools,
You see just a mirage,
Of the ones you can trust.

Standing on the outside,
Hammering your heart on the door,
Listen to the silence,
Louder than it sounded before.
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wow that's heavy!! Great lyrics!
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Man, this gets under your skin!!!
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