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Check in/out system.

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A simple ping ‘this template #’ letting others know
that I maybe working on this. Also, re-ping for check-out
if I stopped working or uploaded a remix.

This may prevent: ‘So I downloaded this template, wrote
a good part, produced it, then right as I was going to upload,
noticed that YOU uploaded a new part to the template. AND, it
actually fits the part I wrote. So I can create a splitter template, or
create extra hobby work for myself.’

A major improvement that is only a suggestion.
Michael Bender
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An interesting suggestion!
I'm not sure if that would not come with undesired side effects:
Assume, you can see someone has indicated "I'm already working on an [instrument] addition to this" -
that would keep people from trying themselfs ("what, X is going to add a bass, well, then I don't need to bother!" type of feeling, that's the opposite of motivating),
or might spark a feeling of competition, thinking "I know X is working on a bassline, hah, I'll beat him to it!"

I do get why you are asking for this feature, but wouldn't it be possible to leave a comment on the parent to indicate you are planning to work with this, too?
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Yes, the issue doesn’t occur too frequently. And right, basic communication tools could remedy situations like this.
Michael Bender
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