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She'll Never Know

Lyric #3030 by BB6

Tags: Charmed, Spellbound, Woman, Goddess
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She'll never know
How much I loved her
She'll never know
How much I cared
She'll never know
What I thought about her
I couldn't find a way to speak to her

She lives inside an aura
That protects her from harm
But how did she put me under the spell of her magic charm?

She'll never know
What some people go through
She'll never know
How empty it can be
She'll never know
The back of any queue
She'll speed past the likes of me and thee

Some women have an aura
That protects them from harm
But how do they put us under the spell of their charm?

She'll never know
What she was missing
She'll never know
Adoration like mine
She'll never know
My tender kissing
Seems like our stars just didn't align

I don't know where she is now
She's a fading fond memory
I'm still in wonder at how she managed to mesmerise me

Perhaps she knows
Exactly what she's doing
Perhaps she knows
Many people like me
Perhaps she knows
When there's trouble brewing
Instinctively she knows how to stay free

She certainly had an aura
She certainly had charm
Perhaps I'll never know how she managed to mesmerise me
How she hypnotised me
How she put me under her spell
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