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Nissim's Cave On The Coast

Lyric #3043 by BB6

Tags: Hermit, Home, Spirit, Justice, Creativity, Nature
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Nissim built his home
In a cave on the coast
Didn't have many options
Dug this one the most
He carried logs and stones
One place to another
Did it on his own
All kinds of weather
Made cement from sand
Made columns from rocks
Built a happy home
Safety without locks

Natural materials
And recycled garbage
A natural life
Life without mortgage
Unique decorations
Of bottles and shells
Broken ceramic tiles
Driftwood as well
Fifty happy years
Nothing broke, nothing fell
Built it with his heart
Built it really well

But now council bosses
Want to close it down
They say it's a danger
To the cliffs around
They have found some reason
To get rid of him
They've caused a problem
They blame it on Nissim

Nissim says it their fault
They built a marina
Now the air smells of soap
Before it smelled clean
There used to be fish
Now there are none
Once was a wide beach
Now it's almost gone
How could a natural cave
Cause such pollution?
How can closing it down
Be a real solution?

Nissim's cave on the coast
Is a museum
Nisim is a hermit
Occasionally we see him
Local supporters
Hope the powers just might
Recognise Nissim's cave
As a heritage site
It's almost Gaudi-like
Uniquely beautiful
A local attraction
Something wonderful

Nissim Kahlon's home
Is a cave on the coast
In Herzliya, Israel
Sidna Ali Beach
Nissim built his home
In a cave by the sea
He built it with bare hands
It helped to set him free
With appreciation
And love uppermost
Nissim built his home
In a cave on the coast
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Nissim's Cave By The Coast


Image by (WT-en) Jpatokal at English Wikivoyage, CC BY-SA 3.0

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