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The Chip Shop on the Edge of Time

Lyric #3058 by bassMonkey

Tags: Cosmology, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Chips
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Dimensions pile up neatly,
By the chip shop on the edge of time,
The complex terms resolve completely,
While the people wait in line,
For particles of force and matter,
Bound within their quantum state,
Collapsing into chips and batter,
Served up on a greasy plate.

The girl behind the counter,
In the place that launched a billion chips,
Looks in my eyes now that I've found her,
Questions forming on her lips,
She's walking straight towards me smiling,
Throwing off her hat and coat,
And in a manner most beguiling,
Grabs me gently by the throat.

We sink into each other,
Contemplating super symmetry,
I sense the anti-matter of her,
Seek reciprocals in me,
To climax in annihilation,
Working out to, if we'd cared,
Mass multiplied on this occasion,
By the value of C squared.

The chip shop line's in motion,
But without her, slower than before,
They've all come for the sales promotion,
Posted on the shop's front door,
They cry out for the "Sunday Luncheon",
Just the way it's always been,
But when all time has ceased to function,
What does Sunday even mean?
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So, to allay any confusion, "chips" in this example refer to deep fried
sliced potatoes in the way you might encounter them in most places
on the British Isles. It may be easiest to discuss within the
framework of "(home) fries" or "(pommes) frites" in other geographies.

To understand the cultural significance though, you might ask yourself
if you'd ever order JUST chips/frites/fries (and enjoy them as a meal)
as opposed to only ever as an accompaniment. A big shout out to any
Belgian or Dutch readers - They get it.

A "chip shop" - or regionally "chipper", "chippy" etc - is a fast food
emporium specialising in their preparation along with other similarly
deep fried items. Particularly fish of course but also including sausages,
rissoles and even pizza or (and I sh*t you not) Mars Bars.

If you don't have a working knowledge of the laws of physics and have
never spent any time in a chip shop - let alone indulging in ilicit
congress in the back room of one with someone who works there in your
younger days...A lot of this lyric might have little or no meaning.

As ever, xkcd can help with some of it.

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