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Irlenn Silva Memorial

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Hello friends, there has been a ton of new faces since I've started and plenty who've been here long before me. Some have come and gone, while others still reside here and have planted their roots. We all share one common thing, a brotherhood (and sisterhood) through music. I have recently learned that one of our brothers Irlenn Silva from Rio Dr Jerneiro has passed on to the great beyond and at a very young age might I add. I do not know the full circumstances yet but I've felt a strong will to pay our friend the tribute he well deserves, for I believe you can tell a lot about a musician through the music he makes and Irlenn was a genuinely special person with a huge heart. We will miss him greatly. I would like to keep his music and memory alive. There are a few things we can do here in this thread. One being that we could write a tribute song for our friend whether we come up with an original or we use one of Irenns. It would be difficult to get everyone all on one song so I suggest we could do multiple mixes or work on various ways that we can share our appreciation. Irlenn has a large body of work here and on other sites. I will be creating a special memorial page for Irlenn on facebook where we can all share our thoughts and enjoy all his music and list our favorite memories. As for this thread I'd like to organize our ideas for our tribute songs and I welcome any input or suggestions. I definitely need your help. Feel free to message me. I will be clearing out my inbox. :) Thank you all for being there through the good times and the difficult times.
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Irlenn's profile page


Facebook Page (under construction)
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I did not know Irlenn except through his music, but if it is true that music is the mirror of the soul, then that of Irlenn was a beautiful soul.
I do not know if I'll be able to put something new for him, but I'll try, and if I can be of assistance in any way, I'll be there.
hi irlenn
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one way Irleen is far away from me, but on the other hand he is near by me. we have a few songs together and now I practice on one of his songs.
now I am wery sad
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Wow, I was in shock when Chris told me this!! I'm so glad that I got to work with him on music here. Thanks for sharing this with us. Did you find out anything about what happened?? I'm so sad!
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