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Remembering friends & wiki-meet-news

Remembering friends & wiki-meet-news

Hey there, friends of wikiloops!
I'll be covering the wikiloops meeting 2020 plannings,
make mention of two wikiloops community members who have sadly passed away in the first half of 2020 and share some more news about what has been happening around wikiloops in the past weeks.
Sad but true, the 6th official wikiloops meeting, which was intended to happen in Steinfeld, Germany five weeks from now needs to be cancelled – we have waited, hoping for things to clear up as far as travelling restrictions were concerned, but since there still is no reliable telling on who will be allowed to travel to germany and what kind of quarantine procedures would need to be endured, I'm calling off the official 2020 Steinfeld event for good today.
These are sad news for those of you who were planning to attend our offline meeting 2020, and there are only two things I can currently say to make up for that:
First, we have an alternative meeting date scheduled for next year, so we all can start looking forward to the 2021 wikiloops meeting taking place from Thursday, June 3rd to Sunday June 6th 2021 at the known venue in Steinfeld.
Second, (for those not dependant on air travelling & with the weekend reserved for this years wiki-meeting), there will be some live jamming event happening on August 22nd 2020 at our private house, which you are welcome to attend. Do however not expect a Steinfeld-Like situation, (that's why I won't call it a wikiloops meeting), it will be more of a house & barn party. Just get in touch with me if you're planning to attend!

Now, onto the second topic of today -
It is my intention to honour two members of the wikiloops community who have recently passed away in an appropriate way.
For those who may have missed the sad news, both BigDaddyCee and stemarqui have “gone on their final tour”, and I have just enabled the notion on their wikiloops profiles.
Let me only say that both will be missed here on wikiloops – and let me also suggest we open up a seperate thread of condolence for each of the two where one may share a memory or leave a thought.
I believe we could/should send out links to these threads to our late members grieving close ones after some time, to signal them their dear ones have been remembered by some wikiloops people. I started such a rememberance-thread on stemarqui myself, [url=https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=2487]here[/url].
Feel free to join me in sending some positive thoughts their way, and may the two rest in peace.

To end on a happier note, let me add some positive things which also deserve a mention in the wikiloops blog:
I'm happy that there recently has been some quite positive coverage about wikiloops in some german online musicians magazine (for those fluent in german – here's the wikiloops article on amazona) and another gear review page. A special thanks goes out to wjl, who one more helped on getting the right kind of press material to the right kind of people, and thanks to the editor Peter Grandl @ amazona, who put in a lot of time interviewing me on wikiloops, and of course to my wife Diana who took some quite good pics at the new wikiloops headquarters.

That's all for today,
hope your summers are the sunny kind &
keep on jamming

Hi and good morning Richard,

It's kind of hard to give a thumb-up on what's mostly sad news, but I did it anyway - thank you for keeping us informed. And yes, it's the loss of us all having to wave goodbye to two such great friends and musicians, and my condolences go to their relatives, families, and friends of course.
Regarding the meeting: sad news as well, but we all saw that coming, latest since your spring news in https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=82&post_id=17682 - so yes that was to be expected. And hopefully we can get closer to each other again soon, I'm really missing some of you whom I've met already, and I'm also still looking forward to meeting all the others as well. So thanks for keeping us informed, and all the best to you and to yours my friend. Give my hugs to them for me.
There's no good way of telling sad news. My heartfeld conolences to friends and relatives of the ones who passed away. 2020 is heading to become a year that's likely to be remembered no matter how much we want to forget it. Looking forward to and wishing everybody better times. <3 +4
As I can only repeat what Wolfgang has written I will leave it at that. RIP to our friends, and see you soon! +3
Although I was really looking forward to the meeting, I understand the decision and support it. It makes sense to wait, given the current situation. All the more I am looking forward to our next meeting!Thank you Richard for your wise decision and the information:) +2
...just take it as a given that im booked in next year....(and I'll see you soon) +2
Hi Richard, you probably took the best decision cancelling the meeting even if it's sad... Not sure to have the possibility to come on June21 though, what made you change the traditional end of August week-end ? +1
Hallo Richard,
It is said when you here members past away especialy when you had a great time with them. A pitty that the meeting is canceld but the more fun we have next year :) I red the article, had to put an translate app on firefox first, so it was a bit easier to read I hope it brings new members to Wikiloops.Hope to see you all next year so greetings the tree of you.
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