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New FX board for my bass...

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Hi guys

As you've realised, i'm VERY fond of using FX on my bass - although i love any kind of bass tone ( within reason !.. ) fact is FX are part of my tone : they sing to me & open up whole other possibilities..
Plus where is it written a bass MUST sound like a b-boom boom boom, ''traditional bass'' ? To me it's all about having as varied a sonic palette available as possible…

Right now i'm using a TC Electronic Nova System FX unit, originally meant for guitar, which has some excellent quality FX but lacks a couple of VERY important features :
1 - No USB connectivity + FX patch editor ( just VERY clunky workarounds.. )
2 - No way of storing/backing up patches i tweaked over time

On top of that, despite a brilliant build quality & very practical compact format, it doesn't have a nice user interface - compared to my previous Zoom B3 unit it's REALLY clunky.. & I'm becoming tired of it !

So, G.A.S struck & am thinking about replacing it but not having a physical music store in Portugal where to compare these units side by side, i'm limited to Google, YouTube, reviews & opinions/experiences of fellow musicians.

Because i REALLY like the convenience of being able to store patches ( i HATE tweaking pedal knobs between tunes or limiting myself to 1 chorus/delay/distortion/whatever sound.. ) my selection boils down to these, which i'm planning to buy one at a time because they cost ''mucho dinero'' :O :

1 - Strymon Mobius, Strymon Timeline & eventually a Strymon Big Sky, each w/ it's own Multiswitch ( or equivalent.. ) for easier use, here
http://www.strymon.net/bigsky/ - scroll down the pages & check the videos of each
http://www.strymon.net/multiswitch/ & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XzuWJPi11c

2 - Eventide ModFactor, TimeFactor & PitchFactor + Eventide H9 control/editor app, here :
quick overview of all 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpzYJtwPPRE
quick overview oh the Control app - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V07NNTgxc_Y

3 - An Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer which has most the FX of the above Eventide units, SUPER compact unit which potentially replaces all three ( at a lesser price.. ) but i'm queasy about a purely software based FX unit - what would happen if/when it stops being supported, etc.. plus if later i want to sell it, any further FX algorythms purchased won't be included ( licenses tied to my account.. ) which makes it kind of an expensive paper weight, here :

4 - Finally this baby which makes me feel as if struck by lightning, died & gone to bass playing heaven !!! If only someone here has had access to one & could tell me if it works on bass, has a great editor & friendly interface :

To whatever i end up choosing i might add a Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah :
plus an expression pedal, a volume pedal & maybe a compressor pedal + tuner ? Remains to be seen...

At this point & because Eventide provide a free & VERY effective/easy editing/saving ( librarian ?.. ) software i'm leaning towards the Factor pedals since the Strymons lack those features but i was interested in hearing from those of you who might have one or several of these pedals not so much about their sonic quality but specially how intuitive they are to edit, etc...

Sorry for such a lengthy post & many thanks for any pointers you might have/share - after all, this means quite an expense & i would like to get it at least ''semi-right'' from the word go.. ;)

Cheers guys !

P.S.: Sorry i tried but couldn't figure out how to insert the links so they'd be clickable :(
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Get the Zoom B3. Has usb, looper, presets and virtual amps pedals all built in - shows up as recording source on computer. Can customize and store all effects amps and pedals

zoom b3 bass amp and effects simulator with looper and usb

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Thanks Girard, but i had one & don't get me wrong, IT IS a superb piece of machinery specially considering it's price BUT… the quality of the effects just isn't there where i need it - my present Nova is way, way better, it's clunkyness just a byproduct of it's age

Those i wrote links for are light years ahead & when i hear them i just get my knickers in a twist !!:D :D like a hormone overloaded teenager in LOVE ! ;)
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Sorry Nuno I didn't see that you already had it and didnt like it. I will shutup now :)
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For me the B3 is perfect.. I don't use a lot of effects, mostly compressor, some synth patches and the chorus/flanger stuff but it's a great box for me...
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Like the post nuno your bass tone and tweaks to me are great glad you shared how you get the tones you do love it. Thanks for the post Can't wait to see what you pick and the the way you put sounds together with it.
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Have you come closer to finding what you want?

I also want to say I admire your desire to use bass in an unconventional way!!!
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Sorry guys

For some reason i didn't get any notification of your answers & am answering only because i stumbled on this !!
Right now i'm still working with my Nova System & after re-ordering the FX patches i kindda got rid of SOME of it's awkwardness..
Maybe a month & a half ago i managed to buy an Eventide Pitchfactor after MUCH reading about thast whole line-up & i've got to admit it kicks some major b*tt !!
Crystal clear sounding through my Eden Nemesis RS410, i WISH i knew how to record properly to share here on the Loops.
It's control software is a cinch, rock solid, VERY powerful - basically it recreates all the pedal's functions : 1 knob per function, no menus & sub-menus thank you !!! VERY cool…
So far i've built about 12 FX patches after tweaking & re-tweaking factory ones - you know that sort of FX SO fancy for the wow factor but not really useable ?
Realistically i haven't even scratched the surface of what this monster can do but as i get more & more familiar w/ it's ways & learn my way around, i know i've got a piece of gear to keep me busy for quite a while :
2 pitch shifters + 2 delays + modulation + harpeggiators + KILLER octavers all thew way to low E string on bass, unreal..

The thing is that at this point my board is still compact, doesn't weigh a ton & already covers a wide range f pristine quality effects so unless i win the lottery, in which case i'd buy one of these IMMEDIATELY :

[url=http://shop.fractalaudio.com/FX8_Waitlist_p/fas-007w-t573-h876.htm] TEXT [/url] Oh yes

I registered at their pre-order list ( no ties.. ) but i don't have this much cash to spend just on more FX, regardless of it's fabulosity !!…LOL…so i can't see that happening anytime soon !! :D

Thanks for following this thread, it's all in good fun & long live the Loops !! ;)
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IMO the fractal fx are unbetable. Im using a AxeFX2 myself and got rid of any gas that way. The FX8 would be a sound alternative if you do not need the amp/cab modelling (not so needed for bass but some rally nice stuff can be made with impulse responses, i got my fretless sounding very similar to an upright for example).

Eventide would come in as a close second. The drawback with the H9 is that is is not a multi effect but again for a bass it is less important and there ARE combined effects. I think its a bummer that they are charging you dire for the additional algorithms though.
The other effects are more limited. The H9 can do any effect that any of their factor series does plus some of its own.

Will the nova system be for sale?
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