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Hello! Batch download?

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I've just joined - amazing music! I have a Roland TD 25KV and plan to start uploading my remixes :) Is there any way to tag and batch download tracks rather than go into them individually? Great for jamming with while practicing!
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hey there & welcome to wikiloops!
wikiloops does not have a kind of "add to shopping cart & download that at the end"-function, if that is what you are looking for.
To get back to certain tracks without having to dial their IDs into the search pane, adding them to a playlist is the thing to do, good way to collect some practise routine tracks as well :)
hope this answers your request! I actually have to admit there is a reason not to offer bulk downloading... besides cost of traffic, having to visit the actual jam to download it is meant to increase the chance to leave a friendly comment or thumb while grabbing a track... wikiloops is not meant as a anonymous download torrent, even tho many use it that way :)
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Thanks Dick that's a good reply :)
I like the quality of the uploads too, amazing.
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