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Audacity Users under Win 10

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I have spoken to several of you in the past week, regarding issues with Audacity and Windows 10.I still have not found a solution, after trying deleting and reloading the software, searching the Audacity forums, speaking with Prosonus help personnel that supports the Audiobox Usb I use for connection. If anyone else has an idea, other than removing windows 10, or software that is similar to Audacity , which is very user friendly until now. I don't want to have to spend a month learning how to use new software with all of its wonderful bells and whistles. I just want to record and post, my vocals and guitar adds, nothing fancy, cause I ain't fancy. Thanks to anyone who provides help and a reward will be forthcoming. NO not money, sorry

disgruntled and annoyed

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Did you PreSonus Audiobox come with Studio One? It's a great DAW although it may be a little complicated. I haven't played with it so I don't know.
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yes it did Danny, however it won't read MP3 files or AIFF files, and I am in a ongoing dispute with Presonus as to what files it does except other than their own proprietary. They say it does read those files, and I say it does not, unless you have the pro version. they are starting to piss me off. so as far as complication? I have no idea because I can't read in a download from Wikiloops to begin a process?

Dave aka Davnel99
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That's ... odd. It won't mix down to mp3, that I know, but it should import mp3s with no problem. Anyway, have you tried Reaper? There are quite a few people here who use it. It's free for 60 days; after that it's $60.

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I know this is not what you are looking for but a external file format converter might help.
Also i do not use win10 but all versions of audacity required a special version of lame in order to export mp3 properly.

And im giong to try reaper soon (having said that for some years now...)
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Please read this. Windows 10 is not yet fully supported.[url=http://audacityteam.org/download/windows] Audacity Win10 [/url]

THe LAME codec is not listed as Win 10 either.

There is only one other Codec and its $$$
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Audacity 2.1.1 with the LAME encoder and ffmpeg now work on Windows 10.
I just did a reinstall of all three and it works great.
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