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Fero e piuma (Iron and feather)

Fero e piuma (Iron and feather)
Info su questo album:
A collection of "heavy" and "soft" songsCarlomac Creata da: Carlomac il 03/04/2021

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Great Guitar!!!


Recensione scritta da Ernie440 il 03/04/2021

Excellent album, wow .. it showcases your great guitar talent. Proud to be on several tracks with you Carlo! :)

Two sides


Recensione scritta da Shi il 03/05/2021

Your guitar can sound soft and light as a feather or hard hitting and rocking out Carlo and this album certainly shows the contrasting styles :) thanks so much for including me here with these cool tracks and fine musicians :)

"Delicatissimo" (cit.), ma non lo fate incavolare :)


Recensione scritta da Pasticcio il 03/05/2021

Straordinario Carlo! Il grande Brega in copertina poi ha un valore aggiunto :)

Guitar Hero!


Recensione scritta da rootshell il 03/05/2021

Carlo, you have some of the most amazing riffs and solos...you can play sweet ballad-type chords/notes, and then switch it over to aggressive and screaming guitar licks! An always exciting style, and innovative approach with your sound, this is a super album my friend!

“E oggi a mano su sta chitara è stata piuma”


Recensione scritta da Stef il 03/04/2021

Grande chitarra Marco, bellissimo album e sono davvero felice di farne parte.

Great talents


Recensione scritta da Cassius il 03/04/2021

Glad to be a part of this album. Thank you so much Carlo :)

An honor


Recensione scritta da DirkL il 03/04/2021

Thank you for jamming with us on the Sniper jam. Pleased you like it enough for your album!

"A Signò sta mano (de Carlo) po esse fero o po esse piuma"


Recensione scritta da JeanPaul66 il 03/04/2021

Grazie Carlo, sono felice e orgoglioso quanto Ernie di aver partecipato in questo speciale Album "heavy" and "soft"...bellissimo e...grazie. Thanks Carlo, I am as happy and proud as Ernie to have participated in this special "heavy" and "soft" Album...beautiful and...thank you.


Recensione scritta da Carlomac il 03/05/2021

Thanks to all of you my friends, it was a great pleasure to jam with you. I just want to point out that the copiright of this album title goes to Marco (Pasticcio) :D
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