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12 gen 2018
Hello guys! it's been a while, but always great to be back home with many lovely songs. a couple nights a go I swing by to one of my close friend's house & found her was sitting in her porch cried (she loss her 10 yo son around 1 year a go). She always try to be strong infront others. We were just sit together till early in the morning, talked some random things, but there's always things between the lines...that's ...
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aleonz, peterpingo, folk, guitar, vocal
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Alice, you are a true blessing and your music is real treasure for all:)
Your story and lyrics really touched my heart deeply and brought tears to me.
I have been in this situation all too many times with loved ones.
Super emotional..thank you<3
16 gennaio 2018 21:27
aleonz Ron! thank you so much, and your words mean a lot, much love to you and your loved ones +1
We could not wait to see you here again ...:W
Nothing else to say that just listen to understand!<3
thank you,
16 gennaio 2018 21:29
aleonz That's very sweet! thank you so much Ray! +0
Hey Alice, very good to hear you sing again. The message is a very down one but songs with real emotiones are mostly very good! Think losing a child is the most worst thing a person can encounter! Hope you are doing fine! Cheers..... +2
16 gennaio 2018 21:35
aleonz Hi Marc! That's right, Thank you very much, hope all is well with you :) +0
This is a wonderful return! Your voice is able to illuminate and warm up the soul and here, in this wonderful song by Peter, you prove it once again! Perfect Queen Alice! :) +2
16 gennaio 2018 21:53
aleonz Stef! you are always very kind, thank you very much :) +1
Wonderful song Alice:D:D:D great music from Peter:D:D +2
16 gennaio 2018 21:53
aleonz Thank you very much David! +1
What a beautiful song.
Glad to listen you again Mrs Alice <3
12 gennaio 2018 13:33
aleonz Hey Arno! thank you very much, happy to be here again :) +1
......(= The thousand words there ain´t room for here.) Wow Alice. It should almost be unnecessary to claim that you have the voice of an angel. Your chorus lines are angel potential too. Reading the story behind tes lyric of this song makes it even so much more epic and unique. Those who won´t agree and feel able to identify themselves with the these statements must have hearts of stone. I´m not only thrilled and happy to hear this beaufiful add. I´m flattered over the highest mountains that I could write some chords that gave the fundament for such a perfomance. THANK you Alice. From all of my heart. <3<3<3 +1
12 gennaio 2018 13:36
aleonz I got these lyrics in my mind on my way home from my friend's house, and this morning I found your beautiful song, and feels like my lyrics find it's home, and I should thank you for that Peter, and for your sweet words above, so happy to sing in your song again :) +1
12 gennaio 2018 13:45
Peterpingo I´m so deeply honoured that you found a home for such a beautiful song in my work Alice. Besides the beauty of your voice it has so much nerve and life experience.Your friend is a very privileged person to have you by her side.:) (A smiley with water in its eyes). +1
:) sweet song Alice +1
12 gennaio 2018 13:36
aleonz Thank you so much Axe +1
Lovely vocals Al +1
16 gennaio 2018 21:25
aleonz Thank you so much J +1
Beautiful , Alice! +1
16 gennaio 2018 21:25
aleonz Hi Joe ! thank you very much +1
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