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RC 30 stereo dual Track Looper converted wav file does not play

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Hello Musikfans, I have Remixproblem and hope that one can help me. Now I downloaded tracks in mp3 format and wanted to add a guitar voice. The mp3 format is not playable with my Boss RC 30 Stereo Dual Track Looper. Therefore, I converted the mp3 file to a wav file in the hope that the Looper plays it back. No matter with which converter I work but the converted wav file does not play itself. Who knows here or what could it be that the wav file can not be played? I ask for help. Thank you Greeting Michael :|
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It is just an idea, but sometimes solutions are as simple as that:
It may be possible that the roland expects the wav-file to end on .WAV instead of .wav, I would try if that helps!
If that does not help, check if you have any wav file that does play on the roland and compare its characteristics with the files coming from your converters, the CD standard is 16bit / 44.1kHz, so that is really most likely to be accepted. I would not expect the looper pedal to be able to handle freely configured wav encoding settings.
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Like Dick said, the RC-30 does not support a wide range of frequencies or bit rates, just one format:

From the RC-30 owners manual:

Playable WAV file formats
Data Format WAV
Bit Rate 16-bit linear, stereo
Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz
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I've had that pedal and only supports the manual format
If it still does not work, try converting the 2-channel file into a single mono channel with Audacity (or any DAW), I think I remembered it this way
Plays these 16-bit / 44k wav formats, but not any
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Okay, thanks for your replies.

You are right! Playable format is WAV file format Bit rate 16-bit linear, stereo sampling frequency 44.1 kHz. :|

I did not think about that.

Greeting Michael
The blues lives! :D
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